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Default Fourth Round The Science Station Lab
I don't know if I'm completely happy with the pictures or the even the LOT, but this what I have...

Heidi was a high school student who had gotten a very tempting offer to join a science research lab for credits to get into college though she is only a tenth grade student...
But, what did she get herself into?

Custom Content:
Around the Sims
Frankenstein on Mod the Sims
NRAAS for 24 Sims on a lot
TSR for making the meshing extracting tool so I can easily edit clothes. This was the first time I used it for objects, and I'm happy with what it can do considering it doesn't require understanding how to mesh to put in simple designs. TSRW recoloring and remeshing tool. You can use the tool to mesh as well, but I can't get it to work with what I understand.
My own content made from Desk, counter, and pictures and using pics of Star Trek and in game people I've made.

On a Related Note:
Would anyone read a story based on what I've started with Heidi in this build if I put the story on the Story section of this site?