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Default Abandoned Airstrip RND 4
*I apologize this is graphics heavy. Couldn't help myself*

Let me tell you a little something that started this whole trip…(thunder cracks and rolls as the rain pelts the creaking windows of the tower.)

Exploring the Grounds

After spending the evening at the airstrip Cindy and I began to renovate it and clean it up. I looked into who the owner was or is. Information came back that property was abandoned in 1971. If I paid the filing fees of $300 then I could have the Deed. Needless to say Cindy and I never made it to Alaska. We have a thriving airport hub now of our own. Vacationers love our place.

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If I missed anyone thank you. TSR items were free only and also meshed using The workshop by me. Yes the ramp actually works sims feet barely clip as they step with same actions for walking on steps.

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