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I was pretty happy with the larger lot this round - I'm used to building big things! However, it ended up draining a lot more of my time than I intended - I wish I'd counted how many hours I've spent on it, because I know I started the day after the foundation was posted and only just finished this morning; and I've not had much else on so I've been able to put a lot of time in most days. Hopefully all the effort shows. I've tried to put a lot more detail in this than I usually do; I even went and downloaded CC from - gasp! - somewhere other than MTS so I had more clutter.
And I'm aware of a few CFE-related lighting issues surrounding the split level living area, however I really need to finish this off this afternoon so they'll have to do.

Anyway, here goes.
Taylor Family Home

Ned and Kelly Taylor had accumulated quite a large amount of savings throughout the early years of their marriage, having successful careers as an engineer and scientist respectively. When they both received offers to transfer their jobs to Sunset Valley from the city a decade ago, they grasped the opportunity and rented a series of properties in the town while they got to know the area. When they were approached by a real estate agent with the offer of owning the first home in a new development on the outskirts of town, they once again jumped at the opportunity provided to them. Already having a young daughter, Alice, and with two more kids on the way, they decided to delve into their savings and build a house that could support the large family they both wanted to have. Thus, this magnificent 3 bedroom plus nursery, 2.5 bathroom house was built. Although it has been 6 years since their house was built, a sharp rise in property prices has meant they are yet to have any neighbours, however Kelly has opened up their house to an old friend from the city looking to build on the block beside theirs. Her guided tour of the family home is below.

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