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Round 4 entry - Bayview House

I placed the foundation in Sunset Valley near the sea and when I opened the lot I got inspired to build a modern house, that has a lot of space and light. I used CFE to create a connection between the first and the second floor of the house and this connection is actually the living room. That way I created an open space all the way from the basement to the second floor.

The basement of the house has a space for a car and it also has a room that features a pool table, a grand piano and a bar for some fun with family and friends. A staircase leads to the first floor which is only the entry to the house. When you enter the front door a sculpture on your right points to the split-level staircase that leads you to the floating platform of the living room. This room is very big and spacious - the platform is half a floor height above the first floor and this way it has a floor height and a half above the platform, which makes the ceiling high and creates an atmosphere of spaciousness and lightness. If it were in real life the sound of the grand piano in the basement could be heard over at the living room too. A group of couches and armchairs looks through the window right to the bay of Sunset Valley and two armchairs look to the TV. A staircase leads to the higher level of the second floor which contains the dining room and the kitchen. The third floor has two bedrooms and three terraces. The blue bedroom is exactly above the living room and also has a view to the bay. The orange bedroom has a big terrace and bathroom. The front terrace features a seating area and a couple of lounge chairs and there is also a small stereo for music. There is also a smaller front terrace which has a view to the street and front garden. The back terrace contains two armchairs that are looking to the sea.

The front garden of the lot has a driveway that leads to the basement and a path leading to the front door. It is decorated with stones, flowers, trees and sculptures. The backyard has a view of the sea - it has a pool and a hot tub and also a lot of palm trees, flowers and shrubs.