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Default A Fisherman's Dream
Old Joe has always been an avid fisherman and now that he's retired he has all the time in the world to do exactly what he loves. He bought a house on the ocean so he'd be close to the water that he loves so much. Over the years he's acquired quite the collection of rare and common fish trophies. He's had each specimen mounted, and that serves as most of the decor in his home, and Joe wouldn't have it any other way. He loves looking out at the sea, and often has the windows open to let in that fresh, salty wind blowing off the water. When he's not out fishing, he spends most of his time on the main floor of his house. The basement is furnished as well, but the only people that really ever use it are his kids and grandkids when they come to visit. Although he has been known to go into the guest room outfitted for his grandkids and play "those newfangled video games the kids are playing now-a-days". He will vehemently deny it though, if you ever get the courage up to ask him. Joe's got the fishing rod, his boat, and an amazing house that's right on the ocean shore. What more could an old fisherman want? Well, if you ask Joe he'd tell you "nothin'"

**This wasn't my best effort, but I did get it done in time. I procrastinated until the last minute, as usual, and have been having the mother of all fribromyalgia attacks all day today. Hope you enjoy it anyway, because I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out**

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