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Rhett and Sabrina Funke, a/k/a Jeff and Pamela Easter, made a good life with their children in Moonlight Falls. But they knew it would only be a matter of time before Don Luis Carlos de Montoya Solis or the Feds found them. But they weren’t going to run again. It was too hard on the children. BESIDES, Sabrina found a secret weapon…

She and Rhett decided that once they moved into their new home on Affinity Island, they would confront Don Solis AND the Feds. Someone was going to jail, and it wasn’t going to be them! Professor Goodspeed had found a home that overlooked the harbor that would be perfect for the large family, and he decided that they would need his assistance when the time came for the confrontation—if nothing more than a caretaker for the younger children. What they didn’t know, and Avery only suspected, was Wyatt was one of THEM. He was special—and would prove to be more powerful than Sabrina and the girls combined… (sound familiar &#61514

The home they moved to was more than they could have dreamed of…the view, the décor, the amenities! Four bedrooms including a nursery, a master suite with a 4-piece ensuite, 3 bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchen, attached garage, pool and spectacular patios, and a stable for the horse that Cara has always wanted!

If you are interested, I have the end of this story at the end of my post. Enjoy!


I would like to thank the usual people involved with this challenge for pushing me to my limits in creativity and building skill—Qbuilderz for this amazing challenge, the judges for their herculean efforts in judging, and last but certainly not least, the other creators and designers in this contest for answering so many questions for beginners like me. I apologize that the pictures are not perfect, but this is my 2nd build for this challenge. The first was finished and pictures taken, but found that the stairs were not traversable and showed they weren't working. I was unable to "fix" them, so had to start over at that point.

The rest of the pictures are either World Packs or made by me and my best friend.

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