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Default Old Warehouse
*feverishly working, glances at timer: 12 minutes!*

This is not quite what I would have liked. A bunch of decorating was done in haste. CFE taught me it hated lighting and windows and ivy. While taking pictures I noticed a floating light, some ceilings not done, etc etc, but it was too late to fix. Trying to get daylight killed my poor plants.

I also made some choices with non-playability in regards to objects. Yes, the cat can't access it's stuff and it will starve. It should be able to so I kept it. The plants will do because a sim can only bend over to water them, reaching across is not an option. Again, I chose to keep it anyway.

First, minimum pics. I don't have time to do the rest (one minute, oh hurry up image uploading... okay, technically this is going to be a minute or so other. Stupid internets): I have the story and other pics though. If someone gives me permission, I'll do them as well (after timer). Otherwise I'll make a separate unjudged post later just to share.

Bah! CC: aikea-guinea, granthes, buhaidain, um possibly armiel since there generally is, seemyu
Added a few hours after deadline:
The old warehouse has been bought and supposedly converted to a home. While the new owner did clean up the rubbish in the yard, it's still an eyesore. They didn't even bother cleaning the graffiti off the walls. There are signs of life: a game in the backyard behind the still remaining industrial fence. An added garage with tools and.... hang on a second. Is that a frickin' Eidolon in the garage?

Inside the home of this on-hiatus rocker is a curious mixture of casual wealth and the grunge of old school touring days with sex, drugs, and rock&roll. And, really, very little's changed since those days. This is a party house. It sleeps one - and whoever she might invite to stay over. The huge kitchen appeals to the gourmet, the small but cosy spa to the more intimate gatherings. The plants are all fake, but the guitars, the rock, that's real. Shirley Manson (the cat) is the only person who shares this home on a regular basis.

And let's just move right along from that semi-detached back room, shall we? There's nothing we can really say to excuse it.

(apologies again for crazy lights and stuff)