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My Excessive and Indulgent, Celebrity Beach Mansion:

Coming in at just under 470K, this Mansion is perfect for the celebrity or self-absorbed millionaire who wants to live the dream... of never leaving home. Situated on its own private island in Isla Paradiso, this home brings new meaning to the words excessive and indulgent. Designed with entertaining in mind, the home features many amenities, e.g., pool, pool table, guest suite, home gym, home theater, multiple seating and conversation areas, outdoor entertainment, a grand piano in the palacial great room and, ridiculous as this is, a personal driving range and grubb set on the roof of the two-car garage. Also notable, is the massive skylight and solar panels (private island and all.)
The home's style is open and spacious, allowing natural light (and chi) to flow freely through the modern linear structure. The high-gloss floors and modern cement accents are common among modern houses, but some of the design elements in this home are a bit unconventional. For instance, rather than paintings, mirrors can be found throughout because, as every narcissist knows, no piece of art could compare to the beauty of one's own reflection.