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Default Round Four - Khizanat Kutub al-Hikma
Instituted in the 9th century, the Bait-ul-Hikma, or House of Wisdom, was an unrivaled center for the study of humanities and sciences in medieval Persia, including mathematics, astronomy, medicine, alchemy and chemistry, zoology and geography and cartography. Drawing on Indian, Greek, and Persian texts, the scholars there accumulated a great collection of world knowledge, and built on it through their own discoveries. By the middle of the ninth century, the House of Wisdom was the largest repository of books in the world. It was also referred to as the Khizanat Kutub al-Hikma, or Storehouse of the Books of Wisdom.

This build is a poor version of that. I've wanted to make something with the Indian store sets, and while they are not exactly historically or culturally accurate -- and while this library happens to be full of more Johnny Sprocket books then serious scholarly texts -- hopefully this evokes at least a general, if fanciful, idea of a center of science and learning during the Islamic golden age.

The bottom floor has bookshelves and seating, three desks and a computer, plus a chess board and dominos board. There are two small half-baths. Upstairs are more books, desks and computers plus an easel, a dining table, a lounge chair, a chemistry table, an alchemy station and two more half-baths. The balcony has a telescope for studying astronomy. On the top floor is a chair for scholars to hold classes for their students, plus a hooka and coffee pot for socializing after class. There are also some sofas for lounging, and a plate of baklava, so that the students will associate their classes with the special treat, and will always remember that knowledge and learning are as sweet as honey.

Very sorry it's so late. Hopefully it can still be accepted, but if not, at least I had fun scrambling around to build it in an evening. I wish I could have spent more time perfecting it, but it is what it is, and hopefully y'all will like it.

I used some arches by lunasimslulamai, the OMSP resizer by buduhain, and a few items from Around the Sims 3 (upstairs couches, poufs, hookah, coffee samovar and baklava plus some assorted deco objects). The carpets all over the place are mine.