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Repeat post to use Mod Your Panties to upload my pictures since I'm exceeding my photobucket bandwidth as very kindly agreed by PlayinSafe.

I've used the same pictures but had to compress with paint to upload to MYP and renamed as I compressed so the order of the extra shots may be different to those in the original post...

Margaret Boyd's husband had left her to raise their sons as best she could in the noisy dirty city. However, after a unfortunate accident happened to him at work, Margaret got insurance for herself and the 2 boys, while his girlfriend was left with the debts she had encouraged Mr Boyd to accrue. Margaret decided to make a new life for herself and her sons in Riverview so they could live the country life she and her late husband had always dreamed of.

Margaret was lucky enough to find a house with an established vegetable garden, that had been planted to make use of the old quarry site, as well as plenty of room for her sons to play outside, something they had not been able to do safely in the city, leading to young Francis being a little overweight. She hoped using the basketball court and gardening would help her loose weight too!

The house had been beautifully decorated before being sold, and Margaret had been thrilled to see the charming nursery. Now surely was the time she could apply to be a foster parent for a a baby or toddler that needed someone to take care of her! (Or him, baby boys need fostering too, but with two boisterous boys, Margaret would love a girl to care for.) The boys were more interested in making sure their computer games were coming with them than any ideas about babies. The hamsters' cages were carefully set up and pictures of the hamsters and Felix' beloved motorbike scattered about their bedrooms. At last Felix' motorbike could be undercover as it fitted very well into the extension. Margaret bought tool racks too, in the hopes he could keep the tools there and not all over the house. Margaret loved the way the ground floor was open plan for family togetherness - she would be able to hear the boys play as she cooked dinner. She did have the drum kit put in the basement with pictures of Francis' favourite band to try to keep the noise down a little bit!

There is a theme... But it's one that only I or my family would recognise And had I not been using possibly the glitchiest lot in the world, I'd have run the Boyds through to winter to caption it 'Quarry House, best served cold'. It's also fictional, Errant Husband is still alive and well

I think it's now two hours late... I hope it still counts! As the problems I've had with this lot caused me to nearly give up.

Hoping that everyone who has had to drop out gets well and gets real life under control...