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Default Round 1: Lighthouse Market
Lighthouse Market
Produce Market & Restaurant | Tropical
Dear Katrina,
Hope this postcard reaches you before you finally decide to visit. Markets aren't the usual subjects for postcards but I'm particularly fond of this one. You can go to the pier and the lighthouse from it. Isn't that cool? And since it's connected, there's always fresh fish and traded produce in the stalls. It's always good to eat fresh, I'd say! There's a good fishing spot too, but my arm isn't the casting type. (Yours is, so get over here!) Anyways, my employer was so pleased that we finished construction early that we all got a bonus. I would visit you but it will will take time to develop the island and well...I really need this job.

So come visit me, okay? You can bring your boyfriend! I miss you that much!

The best sister in the world,
P.S. The signal's no good here so snail mail me back, ok?