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Old 9th Feb 2018 at 10:51 PM
Ok here is mine..and don't be to kind I want the honest truth lol..This is a playalong..

I messed up on the picture size so now having to redo them..

It's a Japanese the hills of "Takemizu Village" 2 story..first floor has 2 seating for tea..2 bathrooms and a seating area to watch the fish/seahorses in a large aquarium..second story is a large table and 4 seats at a bar, also has open concept kitchen and an Impresso Express-o-Matic Bar..I tried to get more tables but the tables I used wasn't with the money I had left to spend had to put just one large table.. since I have way to many pictures 27 to be exact lol..I am going to use the ones with my sim in it..