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Default Round 1 Entry ~ Restaurant ~ Mountain/Country
Several years ago my alter-sim-ego, Cat, thought maybe she should try camping. So she went to Three Lakes and dutifully set up her tent the heat of Summer, with all the mosquitoes, high humidity, heat, buzzy bugs, no air-conditioning, swarms of other campers ...and nothing to do but sweat. Well, long story short - she built a dock/diving platform for the campground's inaccessible lake - and ended up really loving the area! In fact, she loves it so much, she spends most every free weekend up there, and has talked several of her friends into buying places in the area.

When she saw the Wanderlust Contest advert in Sim-Builders Quarterly, she knew exactly what she must do. She called her long time pal David, a closet gourmet, and told him of "Trails End" - a derelict 70's dive that stands, oddly enough, at the trailhead of the Simpelation Trail (in Three Lakes.) They pooled their resources and bought it immediately. The Grand Opening is this weekend - Come join us!

After they cleared away most of the detritus, the first thing they did was add on the back decks. David claims he wants people to come for the view - and stay for the food Cat keeps telling him he's the best chef she's ever met; maybe after opening night, David will gain some confidence! Anywho... as they were finishing up the lower deck the Fire Marshall dropped by. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say - the interview did NOT go well. Apparently said Marshall closed the last business here because the then owner refused to put in adequate bathroom facilities. (Something about there being lots of trees in the woods)
Well, while Cat was searching for an appropriate place to add such facilities, she found a hidden panel under the staircase that lead to a basement area - perfect for a few bathrooms. And, what do you think they discovered down there? Nine cases of Ol' Jimmie's Rot Gut Cider - at least that is what's scribbled on the side of the crates. The bottles are unmarked, the liquid is a clear amber color, and they're sealed with heavy wax. The first bottle will be opened at the Grand Opening - $100 a shot - come celebrate with us!

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