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Default Play Along Entry: Tumbleweed Diner
Play Along Entry: Tumbleweed Diner

Been tearing down the highway under the heat of the desert sun? Did you already drain that gallon of water down your gullet? Are you crossing your legs and curling your toes, searching the canyons for some place to stop and pee? Well boy howdy, do we have a desert oasis for the weary. Located at the most remote bus stop for thirty miles is Tumbleweed Diner which boasts an air conditioned, recently (the 70's is recent enough if you really think about it) renovated space to serve up all the down-home American style grub anybody could ever want.

Tumbleweed was once a roadside garage where all manner of weary travelers would stop for a tune up, and now, under new ownership, Tumbleweed Diner is offering tune ups of the biological kind! Stop in and park it at the bar for a spell, flick on your favorite tunes at the jukebox or pop a quarter (or ten!) into the arcade system to bask in the cool, cool air and melt the stress of cross-country travel away. They say it's not about the destination, but the journey, and Tumbleweed Diner is a home-style respite as you embark upon that journey. Come on in, what can we get ya?

(EDIT: Forgot to add, this thing is CC Free!)

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