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I'm 59. When do I stop paying "kids' games"?

Here is my pretty-much done lot. I may switch a picture over the next day or two, but I'm a play-along and come Thursday, I won't have time to do very much for a while, sooo ....

Skate Away Roller Rink (Bar/Rink/Arcade; American Southwest desert)

Skate Away Roller Rink was built back in the 70s. Originally named Brand New Key after the Melanie hit earlier in the decade, the owner changed the name to Skate Away in 1980 after realizing that roller rink skates did not have keys. The couple liked the Dire Staits song "Skateaway" better anyway.

There has been a generation change in ownership since then, but the newer owners enjoy keeping some of the essence of the original design of the rink. The carpet may be a little faded, but the owners have kept the place in very good shape and keep it clean. Nearby residents enjoy having juice at the smoothie bar, trying their hand at old arcade games and, of course, skating. Occasionally, a few more adventurous Sims (those drinks ARE non-alcoholic, right?) enjoy getting a little silly or naughty in the photo booth.

Back when the first owners still ran the place, their children, who were excellent skaters in their own right, actually won a couple of first-place trophies in skating contests held in the nearest large town. The kids' trophies are still on display at Skate Away. Today, the children own the rink, but the original owners still stop by from time to time.

This place is a fragment of a memory in this small town, when cell phones did not exist and people greeted each other. Sometimes, a moment in the past can be a refreshing break from the present.

As the song goes:

"Come slippin' and slidin'
Life's roller ball
Slippin' and a slidin'
Skateaway, that's all"

Let's get the required shots out of the way, before I forget them:

Now for (counts on fingers) 10 more pictures. I like to do the sides, so I'll start with those:

A bunch of interior shots:

COMING IN ROUND THREE: Gazania actually does non-flat roofs! I thought a flat roof worked better with this lot again.

Thank you to all the CC creators out there; especially Michelle for all the recolors and JodelieJodelie for the skates and skate rack (as well as the art on the sign). Sunni, wherever you are, thank you for the car statues.

This was a case of slow inspiration at the start (I needed a roller rink, and wanted to reflect a bit of the 70s and very early 80s, back when I used to skate with friends) that, as I went on, built up more and more as I came up with different ideas, such as Ms. Simms' drink mix to keep that cashier NPC at least a little busy. If I went to the wire, maybe I would have been even more inspired. Dunno.

But my treatments start again on Tuesday, and right now, I'm aiding a sick mother and a sick daughter. (Mom has heart issues, my daughter came down with bronchitis; probably after running herself down trying to take care of two majorly-ill women. I hope my girl is getting the rest she needs.) Honestly, it was time to show the lot as is; incomplete or not. No regerts (sic) about that.

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.

RIP Sunni ... truly a ray of light.