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Playalong: Country Entertainment: Icicles Rink

If I'd been competing I probably would have gone for something more elaborate. Probably. But if there's one thing Three Lakes needs and doesn't have, it's an ice rink; and if you put anything else on the lot, the sims won't skate. So here we have a simple, outdoor rink with a shed to warm up in, a composting outhouse you won't want to use unless it's an emergency, and birdfeeders so the life birds will come to the birders rather than them having to go hiking through the snowy woods getting lost and freezing.

Required Shots

It's kind of a hard lot to take show-off pictures of, but here you go anyhow.

May the contest curse relent and everyone who's actually competing get their lots in on time. Good luck. Just Petro, do you have any hot chocolate back there? With marshmallows or without, I'm not picky as long as it's almost hot enough to burn my mouth.

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