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Default Important! Lost woods Tomb!
Hello, I got an idea to make a tomb about the lost woods and I need your help, anyway I'm a fan of Zelda and i have 2 ocarinas of Zelda, and more 2 on there way...

I got a really great idea to make a tomb about the lost woods
where there will be the temple (not full replica) and part of Goron city (that for the tomb it has been destroyed by the flood and passed trough dimension to sunset valley), also I will make the maze and great riddles, but it's for WA.

And I need some advises about these ideas:

1. The music of lost woods- i think i can do this that the music will guide the way but it will be too random, and mostly annoying, should i do that?

2. The maze- the maze has 2 floors (one of the bushes), and I don't think i can make it hidden, so i need to make it exposed, any problems?

3. Temple-I didn't passed all the temple, could someone send me a photo of the boss room or the floors?(map and screenshot)

4. I need to hide the tomb or at least make a special shape, what should i do? underground or normal?
Update:tomb is normal, not underground.

5. Storyline- I can put kind of a storyline like when you open a certain chest there will be a text and you will "gain" the hookshot and a floor panel will appear and it will "say":"I found a good place to use it(hookshot) on a creepy tree and now I can use it whenever I want with it", and stairs will appear, any storyline suggestions?

6. You- you can give me ideas and send me pm and I will gladly accept any possible idea! any questions?

Now, if you won't do anything then don't expect me to do this.

Thanks, Niro.

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