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#226 Old 24th Mar 2015 at 6:26 AM
Hi cwnz,

I cloned these for you. I was thinking I had already done them, but I couldn't find them anywhere. These are the steps I took:

What you need:
s3pe, s30c, and TS3 Recompressor.
(You only need the recompressor for EA store worlds)

In my Sims 3 Folder, I cleaned out my DCBackup folder leaving just the ccmerged file in it.
Install Barnacle Bay through the launcher.
Make a new folder on your desktop and add: 1.) the new contents of the DCBackup, minus the ccmerged. This is all the extra items included with BB. and the BB.world 2.) add the contents of the s3rc-win.rar you downloaded. This will include a decrapify.exe and s3rc.exe.
Highlight everything in the folder except the two .exe's and drag them on top of the decrapify.exe. A black window will pop up as it "decrapifies" all those .packages.
As it turns out, the sea wall pieces were in the BB.world file so I didn't have to look through the rest of the .packages.
Open s3oc, click File/Open Package, and navigate to the folder with all the BB .packages you just decrapified. Open the largest file, then click on the item you want to clone. Initializing tabs will pop up, when done click "Clone or Fix".
I ticked "Create Clone Package" and clicked Start.
Name your .package and when it's done, Open it up in s3pe.
Find the OBJD, highlight it, and click on "Grid"
Under Common Block Change Version to 0x0000000E Click Commit
Under Common Block Change IsVisibleInWorldBuilder to True
These two things were already set correctly when I did it.
Change BuildCatagoryFlags to 0x00008000 Click Commit
Save and drop your .packages in your Caw Framework.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar BarnacleBay_SeaWalls.rar (1.17 MB, 1 downloads) - View custom content
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