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MTS Movie Night #3 - posted on 20th Oct 2017 at 10:54 PM
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#226 Old 24th Mar 2015 at 6:26 AM
Hi cwnz,

I cloned these for you. I was thinking I had already done them, but I couldn't find them anywhere. These are the steps I took:

What you need:
s3pe, s30c, and TS3 Recompressor.
(You only need the recompressor for EA store worlds)

In my Sims 3 Folder, I cleaned out my DCBackup folder leaving just the ccmerged file in it.
Install Barnacle Bay through the launcher.
Make a new folder on your desktop and add: 1.) the new contents of the DCBackup, minus the ccmerged. This is all the extra items included with BB. and the BB.world 2.) add the contents of the s3rc-win.rar you downloaded. This will include a decrapify.exe and s3rc.exe.
Highlight everything in the folder except the two .exe's and drag them on top of the decrapify.exe. A black window will pop up as it "decrapifies" all those .packages.
As it turns out, the sea wall pieces were in the BB.world file so I didn't have to look through the rest of the .packages.
Open s3oc, click File/Open Package, and navigate to the folder with all the BB .packages you just decrapified. Open the largest file, then click on the item you want to clone. Initializing tabs will pop up, when done click "Clone or Fix".
I ticked "Create Clone Package" and clicked Start.
Name your .package and when it's done, Open it up in s3pe.
Find the OBJD, highlight it, and click on "Grid"
Under Common Block Change Version to 0x0000000E Click Commit
Under Common Block Change IsVisibleInWorldBuilder to True
These two things were already set correctly when I did it.
Change BuildCatagoryFlags to 0x00008000 Click Commit
Save and drop your .packages in your Caw Framework.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar BarnacleBay_SeaWalls.rar (1.17 MB, 81 downloads) - View custom content
Test Subject
#227 Old 2nd Apr 2015 at 4:11 AM
thank you so much :-)
Lab Assistant
#228 Old 3rd Apr 2015 at 1:36 PM
Im working on costum plants and trees and everything just works fine. But I cant figure out how to rename the objects in caw - they just appear as the objectname I cloned (which is a bit annoying when you first have to test if its the object you want to place). I have all these multilanguage STBLs defined in S3OC and they work in the game. But I have no idea how to rename the name displayed in caw.
Could someone help me here?

Im not a native speaker
my simhomes
#229 Old 3rd Apr 2015 at 1:45 PM
If you are talking about the same name you see with S3OC when you clone an
object, that's the "InstanceName" and you can set it with S3PE using Grid. It's
the field between "Materials" and "OBJKIndex". Keep in mind that only OBJDs
of version >= 0x16 have that field.
Lab Assistant
#230 Old 3rd Apr 2015 at 2:30 PM Last edited by lolalule : 3rd Apr 2015 at 2:55 PM.
Originally Posted by Arsil
If you are talking about the same name you see with S3OC when you clone an
object, that's the "InstanceName" and you can set it with S3PE using Grid. It's
the field between "Materials" and "OBJKIndex". Keep in mind that only OBJDs
of version >= 0x16 have that field.

Thank you Arsil, youre always so helpful

I found the field, changed it but it does not work. I think it has something to do with the translation, because the one i tested is translated. I will install the english version of caw and try it again.

Edit: No thats not the problem. Now its the english name, but not that one, that i wrote as the instancename.

Im not a native speaker
my simhomes
#231 Old 3rd Apr 2015 at 3:09 PM Last edited by Arsil : 3rd Apr 2015 at 3:19 PM.
Oh, maybe I know what's the problem. Is your game (or CAW) localized?
When you clone an object with S3OC, after you change its name and
description, you also have to tick "Copy English to all languages" otherwise
it will keep the old strings (those of the object you are cloning).

You can also change them later with S3PE or one of the many tools that
deal with STBL resources (I use Easy STBL Manager).
Lab Assistant
#232 Old 3rd Apr 2015 at 4:23 PM Last edited by lolalule : 4th Apr 2015 at 4:46 PM.
What do you mean with localized? I easily changed the caw language to en - my game is german.

I first copied all resources I need to a new package. After that I cloned it with S3OC and then edit the description and catalog name (and ticked copy english to all languages). And the STBLs are in the package. The description and catalog name appears in the game - so everythings fine with that. But that does not affect the name shown in the caw metadata panel.
I think thats a caw related problem, that could not be solved with a change in a .package - there are those dll files in the caw bin folder with the resource names. The only reason I want to change the name is for people who download the objects can easily find them, but when its depending on your caw installation...

Next time I clone an object that has no translation in caw, maybe then caw takes the resource name.

Edit: that wasnt the thing.

But I tried to copy that plant with TSR and now it shows the Instance Id of _SPT, SPT2 and FTPT. When I open that .package with S3OC there is no resource name. Changing the name (and instance) in S3PE has no effect - it just shows the new instance id. But thats better than the name as the cloned object.

Arsil you made a tree in my thread and somehow your tree is named as your defined catalogname. I have no clue how youve done that Cause my catalogname is never shown, and I have all the necessary STBLs.
I opened your tree in S3PE and search for any differences wasnt succesful until now...

It has to be a really stupid mistake ...

Im not a native speaker
my simhomes
Test Subject
#233 Old 31st Jul 2015 at 12:14 PM
Can someone make mirrored version (switch left side with right side) of Riverview distant terrain???
Test Subject
#234 Old 27th Nov 2016 at 7:24 AM
Permanent Tents Question
Originally Posted by simsample
Permanent Tents
Requires World Adventures, show up in the buydebug Miscellaneous menu.
These are the erected tents so that you can build your own base camps in a vacation world, or just make a camp ground in your main world. Sims will not put these in their inventories.

I know this thread is really old, but I'm hoping someone is still around that can help me out. I'm trying to install custom tents on a community lot, but every time I edit the world from CAW, the tents have rolled back into bags. I tried looking at the permanent tents file provided in this thread to see how it was altered to keep the WA tents permanently erected, but nothing I'm trying is working. They are still regular tents. Is there some advice anyone could give on how to make these custom tents remain permanently erected? Thanks.
Test Subject
#235 Old 21st Jun 2017 at 2:15 PM
Originally Posted by simsample
Various in-game items enabled for CAW
It always annoys me when I see an object in the build catalog that would suit my world, only to find it doesn't show up in CAW metadata.

So, I was really pleased when I found GiLaNg's mod here that enables some Twinbrook items, and GiLaNg's instructions here that enabled me to learn this myself. I wrote a tutorial here to accompany GiLaNg's instructions.

Over the past few months I've modded several items, and so I'm putting them here for you all to try out.

Showtime items- see post 3.

Some other community members have liberated hidden items for you too- links below:

If an item you need is not in this thread or GiLaNg's thread, then check out Shimrod's mod too (all of those items will show in metadata). If you still cannot find the item you need, please consider modding it yourself and then sharing it in our resources section. If you want to have every build/buy object available in metadata, consider using SuperCAW.

Instructions: Install to your CAW framework, as described here:

None of these items are modified in any way other than to allow them to be accessed in CAW.
If you use these objects in your worlds then people who play your worlds will NOT have to download these items (as they are already in the game files) provided that they have the required EPs.

Twinbrook Items (not included in GiLaNg's mod)
The following require the Ambitions EP.
Barn Without Vane:

Shows up in CAW metadata as 'Wooden Barn'

Industrial Water Tower

Shows up in CAW metadata as 'Water Tower Redux'

Ruins Station

Shows up in CAW metadata as 'Lost Ruins'

Swamp Ground Fog:

It's animated in game but will look static in CAW. This is visible from a distance, unlike the Fog Emitters. In Twinbrook they used this effect alongside the fog emitters to get the swamp effect. Shows up in CAW metadata as 'FX Swamp Ground Fog'

China Object:

The following requires the World Adventures EP.
Storage Shed

Shows up in CAW metadata as 'Shed Storage China name needs text'

Pets Items
The following require the Pets EP.

Other Pets items missing from CAW are available- fences here by TVRDesigns and animal spawners here by porphyria259.

The following items are all bundled together in one package- download 'Bluefunk_PetsMetadata.zip'.

Brick Wall

The post shows up in metadata as 'Brick and Mortar Fence'.
The fence shows up in metadata as 'Rustic Ranch Fence'.

Waylon's Water Tower

Shows up in metadata as 'Waylon's Water Tower'. This item is huge- as big as a high rise!


Shows up in metadata as 'Haystack'.
It is 'woohooable' in-game!

Standee Sasquatch

Shows up in metadata as 'sasquatch standee'.

Pets Hitching Rails and Water Trough As requested by heaven!

The following require the Pets EP.

The hitching rails and water trough are bundled in one package- download 'Bluefunk_HitchingPosts.zip'.

The three hitching rails and water trough from Pets. Show up in metadata as:
Iron Hooves Hitching Post
Natural Rustic Hitching Post
Western Hitching Post
Wild 'n' Wet Water Trough
Are fully functional when placed in-world- for the hitching rails, horses can be hitched to them and can eat and drink; for the water trough, horses can drink from it.

I'm gonna love this when I download it
Test Subject
#236 Old 3rd Aug 2017 at 2:59 AM
To Heaven
Originally Posted by heaven
I am absolutely ecstatic that I found this. I am in the process of editing Riverview (kind of a in-the-future, population growth Riverview) but it's just not the same without the distant terrain.

EDIT: By the way, I -think- I have the terrain placed about where it should be. There may be some minor tweaking but the rivers and roads seem to align properly. The coordinates are:
Position X: -7.35993528
Position Y: 209.380753
Position Z: 2033.22974
All rotations should = 0.

You are always helpful
You are always there to
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