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@Enoby Not sure how helpful this is now, but GT is a good EP if you really enjoy the party life and social aspects of the game. The club feature is kinda expansive; you can make a club for almost anything. Even for stuff like just cleaning everything wherever you go or about being mean to each other. Can't say much about City Living because I don't have it, though.

Gotta say that for anyone who enjoys the children aspect of the game, Parenthood is a pretty fun gamepack. Aside from Toddlers themselves being a lot more expanded on than in Sims 2 and 3, to the point that I can almost call it a 'challenge' to get their skills leveled up well, Parenthood added the values part to it. In fact, I would almost say it's 'difficult' to raise a toddler (or even two) with all skills at max level, and doing a good job at the values, too. I barely scratched the surface with children in Parenthood, but I already enjoy them a lot more. Definitely looking forward to what gets added when I get to teens.
And even some of the clothes added from the pack is neat.
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