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Mad Poster
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#1 Old 9th Oct 2017 at 9:19 PM
Default Don't you love drama?
I usually don't, but this is rather laughable and/so, worth sharing.
I discovered recently, that one of my ex..the Jesus freak one, is stalking me on here. Yes! that same one who got jealous of The Sims, because I first used the game to escape spending time with him...lol You can't marry a Sim! he told me. OR, he *hired* a dumb enough guy to do his dirty deeds. (To be continued...)
So basically, everything I wrote here in MTS forum is being send to my roommate, in his gmail..to hurt him. Too bad for my ex, I say nothing that could actually hurt the roomie(besides the one where i wish i could use the delete button in RL, that was bate)...but be sure that me being gross out about alcohol and post about it was indeed sent. lol Roomie drinks so...

See, that ex of mine, Daniel, is 100% sure that I am his wife, because God told him I was. Don't you dare being a man wanting to be with me...because then the dreadful Daniel will go full-illegal on you. (be afraid, be very afraid, people) That guy can barely stand on his feet. Drinks alcohol to cope with the shakings, on top of his meds...is a danger behind the wheel...and a great manipulator. Sorry..was, a great manipulator. He is loosing his head now, sadly.
Full of pride, Napoleon complex..and in this case, nothing to do with his height..if you know what I mean.

Daniel will try to scare away the roomie any way he can think of. Such as...telling bad stuff about me, trying to convince him that he should leave..well, you get the picture.

You might see rather silly posts on here by me for a while, just remember..it is only me, bating.

Unfortunatly, the roomie deletes the messages he gets as soon as he gets it..after reading them of course. Apparently, these messages are sent by MTS members, and never the same one. Jeez! looks like I am not the only one being hacked!
This is laughable, because..you are all sims players..you do not know me, I do not know you, but for some reasons, you would know the roomie, and you would want to protect him from me and you..what? yeah..laughable.
The act of a desperate dude...what will you do now? We are all waiting, patiently.

Je mange des girafes et je parle aussi français !...surtout :0)

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Mad Poster
#2 Old 10th Oct 2017 at 12:45 AM
"love drama" - so NOT. Especially when it involves members of MTS - been there, got over it ....mostly. RL people can be tricky, people you never spend REAL face time with? not to be trusted.

Mad Poster
#3 Old 10th Oct 2017 at 2:55 AM
He sounds scary. Please be careful.

Addicted to The Sims since 2000.
Mad Poster
Original Poster
#4 Old 10th Oct 2017 at 2:12 PM
Thank you for your concern Ver de terre, but he is mostly annoying. It's being taking care of anyway...

Je mange des girafes et je parle aussi français !...surtout :0)

Find all my old MTS Uploads, on my SFS, And all new uploads Here . :)
Mad Poster
#5 Old 10th Oct 2017 at 8:56 PM
Sounds like a couple of douchebags...

If any of them are harrassing you on here, you may want to notify the MTS moderators which member(s) it is and what they're doing, so the mods can do something about it. If they're giving you trouble outside the web, better deal with that somehow, too.
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