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Default Disappearing beds - Solved
I have found a solution to the Sims 4 Studio registration process, courtesy of 'thesims.com'. Using a smart phone to complete the S4S registration gets around the Captcha problem.

I am a fairly long time S3 player who has just taken the plunge into S4.
I am building my first property and have encountered a problem with placing beds - they continually disappear as soon as they are placed in a room. Having trawled through Google responses to 'disappearing beds' I found some threads which indicated that a batch file to be found at 'Sims 4 Studio' apparently corrects a number of unfortunate interactions between some older assets and a 'cats and dogs' game update.

The problem is that I am unable to register (required for any access) on the Sims 4 Studio site as the Captcha verification tool wont let me prove that I am a human. I have followed the instructions to the letter several times to no avail. I have even downloaded a new browser without any history files to run their registration sequence without the possibility of any old data interfering with the process. I thought the obvious next step is to send them an email explaining my predicament, unfortunately I am unable to find an email address for them. It then occurred to me that someone on MOTS may know of an email address?
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