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Originally Posted by didyouevenmakeasound
Speaking of Social Bunnies, I think it'd be cool to have a mod that turns them into the TS3 imaginary friends!

Rented-Space made a default for outfits - it gives social bunnies imaginary friends clothes. You can find it here .
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Wallpapers and other deco items based on the Jill of the Jungle series - like the backgrounds, and wall hangings or 'sculptures' for the various creatures. It'd just be fun. Maybe have a device that looks like one of the demons from "Jill Goes Underground" and "Jill Saves the Prince" and shoots fire at unwelcome guests (like burglars, cows, and coaches).
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I think I'd like something that lets me put windows on properly right under the edge of the roof instead of getting the 'ceiling too low' prompt and when i use moveObjects to toss a low window up there I get a circle/square with the wall color. I'll probably just have to make a wall texture tbh, but I have a soft spot for high up windows on gabled roofs
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