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Nysha's New Creators for February - posted on 1st Mar 2017 at 9:00 AM
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#5176 Old Yesterday at 7:55 PM
I've never seen them do it while eating either; I thought they could only do those "idle" animations when they were, well, idle.
Mad Poster
#5177 Old Yesterday at 8:06 PM
Originally Posted by FranH
.... I usually put a mood flamingo on the lot to keep them happy and playing-but it doesn't stop them from eating.

Is that what flamingos are supposed to do?

Lab Assistant
#5178 Old Yesterday at 9:09 PM
Pretty sure it is a hacked object, not vanilla one (s)he's talking about.
#5179 Old Yesterday at 10:27 PM Last edited by FranH : Yesterday at 10:59 PM.
It is a set of hacked objects. It used to be available at the graveyard, then simbology.

EDIT: just refreshed my Mediafire page, still have it active! Sake's alive, I had no idea it was still there!

All right-I've uploaded all 4 of the files that I have on one of my DVD's, and here are the links to each one of them.





OR: if you prefer, the Graveyard still has them:


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#5180 Old Today at 3:00 AM
Originally Posted by joandsarah77
Give them a CC NPC job and make them do those things. Once a sim is playable you are in control of them, just like any other playable.

Yeah, but I want them to keep doing the job autonomously. I don't want to have to make them.
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#5181 Old Today at 3:14 AM
Well they will go to their job just like any other sim. That part is autonomous-most of the time. Anyway people who are X job frequently don't do it at home. I know a carpenter, a locksmith and an electrician, none of who do those jobs at their own home because once they get home they don't want to work.

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#5182 Old Today at 3:41 AM
about NPCs keeping their jobs when made playable; some kind of do in shipped version.
former exterminators can autonomously spray roaches. free will would need to be on and the vermin Fear would need to be absent.
former firefighters do "autonomously" extinguish fires regardless of free will being on or off.
former maids can autonomously clean; if they are Neat and if free will is on. all Neat sims autonomously clean when free will is on; and would be more effective than maids.
gardeners; I take all sims autonomously do that NPC's tasks if free will is on.
not sure, but there might be others.
Space Pony
#5183 Old Today at 4:49 AM
I'd love to have a mod which lets other Sims scare others (I'm thinking of the "Scare" interaction which ghosts use). I found that interaction BHAV in the objects file. It's named "Script- Scare Sim" but I'm lost as to how one could somehow adapt it to work on a normal Sim. Ugh...
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