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Guidelines/Rubrics Changes - posted on 16th Jun 2017 at 6:09 PM
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#5801 Old Today at 3:12 PM
Interesting ideas. Mine would probably be more automated though, but I don't know if it would be possible. It would just be hella funny though, if let's say... Loki Beaker were to take Buck Grunt, or Don Lothario were to take away one of Cassandra's kids because she was too busy having more kids to fulfill her have 10 kids want. Or even someone like Rose Greenman could make a few enemies by taking neglected children. If it isn't possible, then oh well... just a neat idea for an automation mod.

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#5802 Old Today at 6:36 PM
Originally Posted by frogz2007
I want a mod which makes all Sims available 24 hours a day. Meaning, you could call someone at 3-4 AM and they won't get pissed off at you. It's not unrealistic to want this since some people stay up all night (such as myself..). haha

Well, there's Christianlov's Easy Call Multiphone. That'll let you call, talk to, and invite over anyone, anytime. It even lets you call sims you haven't met.

There's also Cyjon's Night Calling which makes the game smarter about phone calls, allowing you to call and invite over supernaturals and sims who have different job schedules in the middle of the night.

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#5803 Old Today at 7:33 PM
Thanks for that. That's EXACTLY what I was looking for!
#5804 Old Today at 8:29 PM
This one's more one my husband keeps complaining about, but a mod to make the "talk about hobby" interaction raise hobby enthusiasm. Related: a "tell a story about > space" for science enthusiasm, since both Film & Lit and Tinkering get a "tell a story," but yet again Science sims are relegated to stargazing or checking the weather. -.-
Additionally, as far as I can tell, "serenade" doesn't raise Music & Dance enthusiasm, but it darn well should.
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