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#501 Old 28th Mar 2014 at 6:52 PM
Peni, I know! I've read so many stories in which she gets knocked up as a teen, and not always even by Dustin...but I really wasn't expecting it in my game!
Seriously, this was both her and Dustin's first WooHoo, and I've got to admit I was paying more attention to Coral's phone conversation than to them! Neither of them have the grades for college anyway, but Dustin has so much drama going on...they are engaged already, but a shotgun wedding is not going to go over very well with either Daniel or the vampire holed up in the Broke trailer!

Hal Capp knows most guys would love to have two good-looking girls watching them take a bath, but in a house with so little privacy, he would at least like to have a bubble bath without having to hear visiting Bottom Summerdream and Tessa Raimirez yammering away. He is not getting out from under the bubbles until they leave and close the door!

Jules made brunch for both herself and Laura, but Laura does not eat...eggs. She is, however, interested in the softness of Jules's skin, the flutter of the pulse beneath it...

Ok, the eggs do smell good, and flattering Jules's cooking ability is a good way to get still closer to her.

There -- seduction achieved, so it's an easy task to rouse a somnolent Jules from her bed and get her to provide Laura's own meal before tucking her back in. Jules shouldn't even remember much of this, though the punctures will take some explaining away.

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#502 Old 30th Mar 2014 at 8:45 AM

Armond & Portia

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#503 Old 3rd Apr 2014 at 6:30 PM

Erika Swain was trying to be helpful, not set the kitchen on fire! And now Bark is trying to protect her from the flames and Bark is pregnant!

All's well, thanks to the fire alarm. Dad is gonna chew her out, but she, Bark, and the coming generation are all fine.

Dior Skirt discussing weighty matters with his new brother-in-law over the breakfast table.

It's Grimnir LeStrange's last day at the warehouse, and Lukey Beaker makes sure he knows how much he, and his mohawk, will be missed.

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#504 Old 21st Apr 2014 at 6:16 PM

Isaiah Gavigan takes his responsibility for caring for the family chipmunk, Scrappy, very seriously

He's a little less invested in his homework

Tina Traveller's goal is to have 50 first dates and they don't have to be all that great, so even though she has zero chemistry with Beau Broke, she asks him out anyway. She just needs him to say yes!

They spend the date chatting and playing chess
#505 Old Yesterday at 2:40 PM
Grendel Beaker stopped by to see Barnum and Monica Bratford's baby daughter Charity.

Tina Traveller promised her mom that she'd tone down her make-up now that she's a teen.

Twins Bonnie and Axl Pilferson went shopping and ended up the spectators to Count Ralph's latest trouncing. (It's pretty obvious which twin has more Nice points.)

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