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MTS Movie Night #4 - posted on 19th Feb 2018 at 4:46 PM
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#1801 Old Yesterday at 4:40 PM
Originally Posted by smorbie1
me, too. Sorry about the food allergies. So far I've been blessed not to suffer with those. I don't take Benedryl because I'm hypersensitive to things that can make people drowsy. Two nights of melatonin like I've just done, and I'm a zombie today. Nothing will get done in the house; I can barely move. I'm not really sleeping any better (still taking hours to fall asleep), but once I do sleep, I'm out. And, as I said, a zombie the next day.

When I had my last PET scan, it showed "something" in the area of my reconstruction. It was definitely not cancer, but did look to be scar tissue or inflammation. Whatever, it's begun hurting some. There's also an intermittent stinging pain, so I wonder whether there might be a slight infection there. I'll start throwing Cipro at it once I can get up and move around.

My BS this week has been with walmart and fedex, neither deserve capitalization. fedex has a policy, I've been quoted it many times, that when delivering to apartments, they have to knock on the door and wait for someone to open it. They have elected not to do that at my apartment despite my history of having had packages stolen. This week I called AGAIN to ask them to enforce their own policy and was told AGAIN they would make a note of complaint and someone from fedex would call me. That's a fantasy. So, I decided to talk to walmart to have them flag my packages for signature. I was told that they only did that for high-value accounts. While I'm sure most people do buy their diamonds and expensive furniture at walmart, I suspect the bulk of their business is not high-value accounts. I thanked the young man with the broken English for his honesty and told him it's a big internet and I think I'll do my business with someone else. I mentioned specifically Amazon, and that just hurt his feelings. He asked what he could do to win back my business. I told him I'd already told him what I wanted. Unfortunately, here in Armpit, Walmart is the only game in town, so they will always get some of my money. But, I can certainly buy from Amazon, Chewy, sodastream, hobby lobby, staples, all of these stores have online presences.

Enjoy your new gaming system!

Be glad you don't have food allergies. I don't wish them on anybody. They are a total PITA that have the ability to get worse with time. The more a person exposes themselves to whatever the food thing is they are allergic to, the more severe the reactions become. In the situation that happened the other day. corn syrup was the problem. I'm allergic to corn and anything made from corn. Corn syrup is in lots of things.

I've tried taking melatonin. One day of too much caffeine or going to bed in a bad mood completely overrides any benefit of the melatonin. Adrenaline is powerful thing. The non-dye Benedryl doesn't make me tired, but the regular stuff does. It's weird. I keep the liquid children's version in the house as that is my go-to when there is a food issue. It doesn't 'fix' the reaction, but it does slow it down compared to if I did nothing.

The PS4 is my way of shutting the world out. It isn't connected to the internet and has nothing to do with TV which I don't watch. I called the satellite company the other day telling them to shut our service off as our bill got over $30.00. It was assumed that we couldn't afford the $30.00 a month, but that wasn't the problem. The issue is, there is nothing worth watching but hubby won't cut the proverbial cord. He uses the birds as a excuse. The birds 'have to have their cartoons' according to him. Not exactly. I could move one of the computers into living room and they'd be just as happy listening / watching their favorite YouTubers all day. LGR is one of them and since he doesn't swear all the time, he'd be a safe option.

Our TV bill is again back under $25.00 a month until they nickle and dime us to death back up to $30.00. At that point, they will get another phone call and they will find a way to get it back down. We've been dealing with the company for years. They know that these kinds of conversations are going to happen and yet they have to play the game just to see if they can get away with something.

Sorry about the BS with Fed Ex. Here's a FYI about Amazon. Do with it as you will.

Amazon was doing weird crap with tracking numbers over the holiday season. They were using a single tracking number to go to different locations / different people. Our mail carrier brought this to my attention back in November as she was really confused why packages for the fire dept were being shipped to my house and vice versa. I haven't ordered anything from Amazon since then up until yesterday. I'm running out stuff I use in the birds' hot meals, so I bought a gift card and placed a order. My membership is good for another week or so, so I decided to use it. I'll find out later today if my stuff actually gets here or ends up being sent off somewhere else.

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#1802 Old Yesterday at 5:13 PM
Ahh, Amazon is not my favorite place, either. But they do tend to be kind of a one-stop shop for most of the day to day stuff I have to have delivered. And they are way cheaper on my cat litter than walmart is. I plan to shop around for most things. I'll probably get my my cat food at chewy because they offer it for the same price as walmart. Their free shipping takes 50 dollars to reach as opposed to walmart's 35, but I can buy a month's worth of cat food at one time and satisfy that.

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#1803 Old Yesterday at 6:56 PM Last edited by PANDAQUEEN : Yesterday at 10:18 PM.
After a long absence, I ran into George at ShopRite. I made extremely small talk and as I walked away, about 10 heads of cauliflower came tumbling onto the produce section floor and I peeled out after saying "It's not my fault!" (IRL, I didn't even buy cauliflower!)

Overall, I had spent today downsizing the number of binders I had and condensed my DVD Collections in binders into 1 binder and as you can tell, my grocery shopping was successful in conquest of goods, socializing was more of a physical comedy gag along the lines of slapstick.

But I decided to buy the new and improved Zevia. When I first tried it, back a few years, it was bitter. But they heard of our uproar and formulated the stevia to be sweet on its and got rid of the bitter, the phosphoric acid and the caramel color.

Maybe I could spearhead a campaign to demand transparency with the FDA...but that may have to wait until I research how to market foods with little to no harmful additives. I know only a few food additives out of the many that have chemical names but are not that disastrous to one's health.

Then again, it's my wishful thinking of me leading an army of any size.

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#1804 Old Yesterday at 8:05 PM
I'm a pattern today.

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#1805 Old Today at 11:50 AM
Taxes are done. Another thing that can be wiped from the proverbial plate.

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