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Community Spirit contest! - posted on 11th Apr 2017 at 5:33 PM
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Field Researcher
#2826 Old Yesterday at 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by velvetina
I played with those cheat codes one time and I got this message:
There were so many sims doing things when that showed up that I don't know who caused it, but it cracked me up. Especially because a girl (married) was trying to flirt with an engaged guy, who also was her ex-friend. Change the wording a little bit, and it would be PERFECT.

Originally Posted by frogz2007
I wouldn't've minded that, actually. It would've made the game more difficult, which is something I've always longed for, since you can literally make 2 Sims fall in love within 5 real life minutes if you have it at speed 3 and click various interactions until they're both at a high enough relationship point amount...

Ha! That dialogue appeared (or something similar) in Sims 1! There were also variations for specific motives. I remember social "We never talk anymore!" and Environment (something about the room being so ugly that they can't concentrate to make such an important decision iirc)

It's really interesting how much of Sims 1 still existed in the early versions of Sims 2, before release. I speculate they scrapped that once they opted o go for the cinematic wedding option?

What I remember from Sims 1 it didn't really make marrying any more difficult. Rejected because of low social motive? Have a few interactions with your intended and then try again. Rejected for low Environmental motive? Clean up and add a potted plant and try again (or go to a nicer location) Rejected for overall low motives? Say good bye, invite them over again and propose a second time.
#2827 Old Yesterday at 8:18 PM
I discovered that cured grand vampires can still be real "trolls". I have a grand vampire that I have had "cured". She does, however, still have some of her typical manners. Today she was visiting a OFB flower shop (yes during daytime, she do not go out mush so I sure was surprised to see her) and she scared a employees so she peed on the floor! This was the first time ever I did see anyone being scared by a vampire. OK, I did use "maxmotives" but the employee did spend the rest of the day thinking about her bladder accident. I really felt sorry for her.

Also, at the same store: I do not remember turning one of the employees into a boss but it seemed to be that way. The "boss" (like my sim) did not have any round plumbub over the head and my therory is that only "employees" have them, not the "bosses". Or maybe it was my game glinching out. Oh well, it does not matter.
Top Secret Researcher
#2828 Old Yesterday at 8:23 PM
This isn't really something I learned from The Sims, but I just learned that the spot inside of the foundations (If it's too small to be habitable) is called a crawl space. So now I can say "I stick the Batbox inside the crawl space" rather than "I stick the Batbox inside the thing-inside-the-foundations-underneath-the-house-spot".
Mad Poster
#2829 Old Today at 3:57 AM
My cat loved hiding in the crawl space up in the roof. Nice and safe. XD She's too old to get up there anymore, so she can't be as obsessed with it.
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