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MTS Movie Night #4 - posted on Yesterday at 4:46 PM
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#151 Old Yesterday at 1:45 PM
Marjorie Walker is a Family Aspiration Sim, she has the 6-children-get-married LTW so I think she's gonna try to have at least 6 children.
Not sure if they will grow up in time for their mother to see them all married though, this kind of LTW are kinda hard with my playstyle.

I usually ignore the 10-kids want.
It's just a "regular" want and it's quite damn hard with the lifespan I use.

There are currently 3 Sims who were born from an abduction.
First one was Ray Mayhew. Lorna Mayhew was abducted in the first rounds of this hood, she moved out of the barracks and give birth to Ray. Then she married Vaklin Gorge, and had a baby girl (Lack Gorge-Mayhew, now Walker).
This Ray Mayhew married to Vivian Zadra-Atkins (now Mayhew) and they are the parents of those cute alien-looking twins.

The other two are Pekkung and Jappung Daeli-Jobs, now teenagers, children of J'Kepp Daeli-Jobs (now Walker).
Their mother later married to Roger Walker, but their two children in common (Jess and James) did not inherit any alien trait.

Funny fact:
Since J'Kepp is an hybrid, there is a chance her twins from abduction are pure breed aliens.
Since Ray and Vivian are both hybrids, there is a chance that their twins are also pure breed aliens.
And I won't peek, I want the game to surprise me in the next generation!
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#152 Old Yesterday at 7:55 PM
Lots of birthdays in this rotation; it's always fun to see how the kids change as they age up.

Oh Derrick, I think you'll be sorry you didn't spend at least some of that time with your kid.

Let's hope the third time is the charm for Chloe. It must get confusing sometimes remembering which name to use.

Surely there will be some drama with the younger generation and their dating habits. They can't all be as lucky as Eleanor Walker.

I've managed the 6-children-get-married LTW, but never the 10-children want. I would like to achieve it sometime, though. In my Offspring Project game, I had a Romance sim who keeps wanting more and more loves. I try to do it for him, but I feel so bad about his wife that sometimes I have to stop trying.
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