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#1 Old 8th Dec 2017 at 1:34 AM
Default Accessories for Toddlers
I'm attempting to make an alpha headband/tiara accessory that morphs with the face for all ages. I seem to have the morphing and alpha bits figured out, but I'm stumped by how to make the accessory work for toddlers. I used the thick rim glasses as my mesh base and created the mesh files/linked them for the other ages normally. I tried using this tutorial here (under "Accessory" and then "Toddler) to add the files for toddlers, but seeing as I had to run it through google translate first, there could be a step that I missed.

My accessory shows up for all other ages and in the menu for toddlers, but won't show up on the actual toddler sim. Also, when I try to make a recolor, Bodyshop yells at me with the "There was a problem exporting the selected textures" error. I've tried removing all other CC and clearing my cache. Neither one changed anything.

I've included my files (just the recolor and the Pu mesh) as well in case that helps. Thanks!
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#2 Old 11th Dec 2017 at 3:47 PM Last edited by simmer22 : 11th Dec 2017 at 4:04 PM.
You can't use the CU glasses mesh for toddlers, because it uses the wrong skeleton. You have to use a toddler outfit mesh and change a few things for the mesh file to work. Using the wrong skeleton can cause the mesh to move elsewhere or animate weirdly. My guess is that the mesh is showing, but well above the toddler's head, since children are taller.

I can't find anything wrong in the recolor file (except the double-linking in the 3DIR, which probably is from the morphing step), so I'm guessing the issue is with the mesh.

I've got a tutorial on all-age accessories here, with how to add any ages, including toddler (and infant). You might pick up some useful tips there.
Test Subject
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#3 Old 26th Dec 2017 at 2:14 AM
I got it to work! I think my main problem was actually in my recolor file. The tutorial I used had me adding in XMOLs and 3IDRs (and something probably got borked), whereas your method had Bodyshop generate those for me. Thank you so much!
(Also thank you for also teaching me how to put all my mesh files into one main file, as I somehow never learned that in all my years of meshing...)
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