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Default Sim keeps turning into a teen
A few months ago I wanted to send some teens in my neighborhood to college. So I opened the family bin of my college neighborhood to use the 'send teens to college'-tool. And then I noticed Catrina Caliente was among the eligable teenagers. Which wasn't supposed to happen because Catrina is not a teenager but an adult who has already graduated college. But sure enough when I checked her in SimPE she had indeed reverted into a teenager. Instead of trying to fix the problem I opted to play it safe and revert to my latest backup (after checking the backup to confirm that she was indeed an adult in there).

Then I didn't play that neighborhood for some time because thanks to reverting to the backup I had lost quite a bit of gameplay and couldn't find the motivation. I came back to the neighborhood earlier this month. Now today I was playing one of the families with teens in that neighborhood. They wanted to bring home friends from school and TwoJeff's school bus/bring friends dialogue is showing me the following message: "Hector wants to bring home Catrina Caliente from school. Is that okay?" No. No, it is not okay, because Catrina is NOT A TEENAGER. Only, after checking her household both in-game and in SimPE, she apparently is. Again!

As far as I can tell she still has an adult body. She also still has the 6 want slots and 2 want locks she has earned by graduating uni. She is however rolling teen-specific wants (get accepted into private school) and the age bar in the UI is telling me that she's a teenager with 8 days left until she becomes an adult (instead of an adult with 21 days left till elderhood as she is supposed to be). She was an adult when I last played her three days ago. She is an adult in the latest backup I have (from 2 days ago).

Now obviously I could do the same I did last time and revert to the backup (this time I wouldn't even lose that much gameplay over it). In fact that's probably what I'm going to do anyway.
However reverting to the backup doesn't answer the question how or why this has happened. Or why it keeps happening to that specific Sim. I've run hoodchecker but it didn't find anything strange - some invalid relationships with self or non-existent Sims but nothing out of the ordinary. Besides none of those invalid relationships was even concerning Catrina.

Anyone else got an idea what's going on?
#2 Old 17th Apr 2018 at 3:52 PM
I don't know what's going on, but have you tried changing her age with insiminator or sim blender or so?

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Do you have InTeen? I think that's a common glitch that can be fixed by spawning their biological clock.
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