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Default "The sims 2 Mansion and Garden stuff is not installed" error
I have been a few months without playing The sims 2. I wanted to start playing again but now every time i try to launch the game I get "The sims 2 Mansion and Garden stuff is not installed or improbably installed on your machine, please install or reinstall". I know I haven't uninstalled the game, and I haven't deleted any program files because im too scared to touch any of that stuff. I have no idea what is going on.
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You can try to repair the game in Origin client. Save the downloads folder somewhere just in case. Good luck.
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Do you have the disk version of the game or the UC?

Sometimes EPs/SPs will randomly uninstall. You can try just reinstalling them.

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Turns out that for some reason the mansion and garden .exe file had it's extention changed. I changed it back to .exe and was able to load the game normally. Thank you!
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