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Default Changing Prices of Items: Maxis and CC
Hi, after all these years, Ive downloaded im pe for the first time, trying to change the prices of items in game. Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial on this? Thank you.

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object price is controlled through the object's "Object Data" (OBJD) resource.
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I found this helpful.
Changing prices is a good first project for SimPE, pretty easy. Good luck!
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I dunno...Phaenoh's method that maxon linked to in the thread that Sunrader linked to (Confused yet? ) for getting at a Maxis object to edit something about it seems kinda more-than-is necessary. I do it differently, without having to extract anything, which I wrote up in a tutorial. (Which is about adjusting a Maxis object's interaction autonomy and motive advertising, but getting to the object is the same no matter what you intend to edit about it.) I mean, I guess when you're batch recategorizing it makes sense to extract stuff and bundle everything into one mod, but if you're just working with one or two objects, it's not really necessary.

Anyway, to get at a Maxis object to edit ANYTHING about it, do the first 8 steps of that tute I wrote up. Only, when you get to step 7, delete everything but the OBJD (instead of deleting all but the TTAB, as the tute directs) because the OBJD is what you'll need to edit to change pricing. From there, follow simmer22's steps in that thread that Sunrader linked.

Doing it the way I do it creates a "patch" that just overwrites the original Maxis info for the object in a non-destructive way. To restore the original info and values, if your patch doesn't work or it screws things up, just remove the patch from your downloads, no harm, no foul.

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Changing the price of CC items is easy though, I worked out how to do that myself by opening an item in SimPE and just looking, so its pretty simple.

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Originally Posted by iCad
I dunno...Phaenoh's method that maxon linked to in the thread that Sunrader linked to (Confused yet?

I linked to a simple thread that linked to Phaenoh's.
Post #2.
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I clone-extract because I'm lazy I guess. I - personally - find it easier to just grab everything then delete everything I don't want.

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Also a little tip about the depreciation values under the catalog price in the OBJD - if the Catalog price is 100, then the Initial Depreciation should be 15, the Daily Depreciation 10 and the Depreciation Limit 40. So 15%, 10% and 40% of the catalog price.
A second example: if an object costs 450, the Initial Depreciation should be 68 (67,5 rounded up), the Daily Depreciation 45 and the Depreciation Limit 180.
For CC, you probably want the appropriate needs values to go with the price (cheap chairs are less comfortable, expensive counters give better food score, you know what I mean). For that you want to follow iCad's tutorial for a similar Maxis object so you can copy their BCON values - this is where the values are that the game uses to calculate how effective an object is in breaking, giving comfort, getting a positive reaction when viewed, etc. You might also want to edit/check the attentuation codes in TTAB - these numbers tell a sim how good the object is at giving comfort, food, hygiene, etc.
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