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MTS Movie Night #2 - posted on 10th Aug 2017 at 2:58 PM
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just a girl
Original Poster
#26 Old 6th Aug 2017 at 4:20 AM
Thank you, guys! Nice to know you wait for this thing too.

i'm not finished yet. Need to figure out weirdness when sims perform reading-a-book hobby animation while routing to the bed.

Originally Posted by Duine
Is it possible to make your sofa bed work with an armchair and twin size bed? They might be useful for dorms, tiny houses, or apartments for single sims.

Yes, I think so. Once I've made core functionality, it may be used with other meshes as well. Single beds and armchairs may work slightly different from their bigger counterparts, but I think, with some adjusting, it's totally possible.

Testers wellcome on Electrical box & Cheap rent & Fertile land
Functional sofa bed is ready to be tested as well
just a girl
Original Poster
#27 Old 6th Aug 2017 at 10:26 PM Last edited by Lamare : 7th Aug 2017 at 6:48 PM.
Default Testing begins
The sofa bed is ready to be judged!

Sofabed: ikeaektorp-sofabed-lamare.zip - http://simfileshare.net/download/288717/
Cushion recolor: ikeaklippan-cushion-invisible.package - http://simfileshare.net/download/289478/

Important stuff:
- You need IKEA Stuff Pack for this to work
- If you have Trapping's bed, remove it, as it has the same GUIDs as modified bed, and they will conflict. (I should probly change that)
- Unzip and drop sofabed files in your Downloads. There're two of them - for the bed and for the sofa part. Both are needed at the same time.
- If you're not on Ultimate Collection, back-up your The Sims 2 files (just in case).

- Buy the sofa in Beds or Sofas buy mode section for 500 simoleons.
- Place it anywhere considering two more tiles long in front of it for the bed (double bed size is 3x2 tiles). As soon as you go in live mod and unpause the game, you can use it!
- All usual interactions are enabled. Bed comfort/energy are the same as Cheap Eeeze bed, sofa comfort/energy are somewhat around cheaper couches as well. Thus - moderate price.
- New interactions: Unfold on the sofa and Fold on the bed. Available to children and up to elders. No visitors.
- The lack of animation may disappoint you. For that I'm sorry. Everything sucked and I decided not to do it at all. But the important things work (hopefully).
- If an object is in the way, it will not interfere. Let's say, you put small coffee table or droped a newspaper in front of the sofa - No worries! Just try not to place anything large, it'll look weird.
- If a sim or a pet is in the way, sims will shoo them away before folding/unfolding.
- Sims may unfold it autonomously, if they're sleepy and it's night time (21 pm to 4 am). They only fold it on your command.
- To recolor the sofa in game with design tool you'll need to recolor both states separately.
- You can't place in inventory or sell unfolded bed. Fold it first. You can move it around a lot unfolded, though.
- If you use my bed deco mod , decorative stuff will disappear along with the bed.

Please let me know if anything bugs you, or there's something you'd like to suggest, and enjoy!
Depending on your feedback I'll think about uploading it properly.

Based on Trapping's bed. I think, Trapping cloned the bed from another author's bed. I would have reclone it from scratch, but Simpe's Workshop throws errors on beds =(

Sofabed mesh is by Maxis, modified by Trapping, modified by me.
Bedding mesh is by Maxis, dunno if it's modified.
Pillow mesh is by Maxis, modified by me.
Sofa's textures are slaved to IKEA Ektorp sofa (not the loveseat).
Bedding is slaved to usual Maxis bedding.
Pillow textures are slaved to IKEA Klippan loveseat pillow. I added transparent/invisible recolor in a separate file.
(Slaved means it uses the same textures, so whatever corresponding recolors you may have downloaded will work here as well.)

Testers wellcome on Electrical box & Cheap rent & Fertile land
Functional sofa bed is ready to be tested as well
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