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MTS Movie Night #2 - posted on 10th Aug 2017 at 2:58 PM
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#4076 Old Yesterday at 4:29 AM
When sims stop juggling coffee cups or water bottles, they toss them straight up in the air. This makes me wonder if the ceiling in that sim's house is covered with stuck cups and bottles.

Thanks to Crmelsimlover for sharing these rare Christianlov mods for TS2: Cpack editor with working face DNA fixer and Skin Selector Painting Prototype. Instructions for adding custom skins to Skin Selector at post #37 here. Instructions for using the DNA fixer at post # 2662 here .
#4077 Old Yesterday at 5:30 AM
$400,000 before I've even started on what promises to be a pretty expensive interior...

Yeah, that sounds about right!

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#4078 Old Yesterday at 6:11 AM
Sims 4 - It was a gift in my case, so I did not spend money on it I actually prefer it to Sims 3. The toddlers are adorable, really - the Sims rather charming - but I really did not like the emotions or the multi-tasking nonsense (since when is moving to another seat every 2 seconds while eating and watching TV mulit-tasking anyway?). Please don't tell me I can mod it out - I am playing Sims 2

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#4079 Old Yesterday at 6:47 AM
Cops and robbers is violent game.
I do not like how they kick lying sim.
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#4080 Old Today at 4:09 AM
When sims force other sims to move away from their path just so they can walk that extra 1 cm ...
#4081 Old Today at 5:29 AM
I wonder what makes a Sim really ticked off when they're cheated by their lover.

On the several occasions I witnessed, even a fairly nice Sim with a good reputation just cannot let go of the grudge. This doesn't always come from cases when the crushed Sim is quite attracted to the two-timer either. It could even be between two Sims who have a decent chemistry at best. The Sim will constantly be picking off fights with both the cheater and their new love, creating a chain reaction of events that can only worsen. Both the disgruntled Sim's relationship and reputation will plummet in no time. I'm certain some of you may have noticed this behavior yourselves.

In my current scenario, I have one Sim who is actually neutral on niceness and nearly topped off on outgoing. My assumption is outgoing is what encourages the hostile reactions, yet I have a married couple who are also extroverts and they don't hold grudges as long.

So, I'm pondering which combo of personality traits can entice a Sim to have so much pride in his/her love(s). It's like what causes Sims to grumble over other Sims' farting while others laugh it off.

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#4082 Old Today at 9:56 AM
I can't stand using Sims 2 without a mouse!
I've been away for a few days and I packed my laptop, minus the mouse by accident. As such, I've literally struggled to keep my sims needs up until I bought a new mouse... Which the dog then knocks off my laptop and breaks the clicker. Grr. At least I can use a combination of the touch-pad and the mouse, it's kinda working lol.

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#4083 Old Today at 10:02 AM
I've been wondering about that, too. A former cheerleader who is serious, mean, active, outgoing and kinda sloppy, caught the stupid cow hitting on her fiance in college. She was not pleased, she did slap him around a bit, but they made up pretty quickly. Then in a previous game, I had a sim with a similar personality, except he had 8 nice points, catch his wife with his twin brother and, even though he alternated between slapping the living daylights out of both of them and apologizing and/or hugging them (which was hilarious), he seemed to hold a grudge for longer. Eventually, he made up with his wife only to catch her with his brother again, poor thing. Also, he was way angrier with his brother than he was with his wife. I thought that mean vs nice points would play the biggest part but seeing the difference in these two sims makes me wonder.
#4084 Old Today at 12:02 PM
Quad boys. That's good because even though there's not a lot of money for toys, they will always have each other to play with. So, why is Timothy bothering his guardian about reading him a book? Because 10-neat-point Drew is humming to himself while merrily scrubbing the shower stall (keeping the maid out of the bathroom, btw).

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#4085 Old Today at 12:55 PM
He will do a better job than the maid anyway

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