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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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Test Subject
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#1 Old 10th Sep 2017 at 8:56 PM

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Default Strangers keep entering my house
Hey there, I have a new problem...

I have recently created a custom apartment building in my neighbourhood and now my game thinks that the whole neighbourhood is one giant apartment.
Let me elaborate.
As I said, I built a new apartment building and when my Sim moved in, I was greeted by a number of roommates (I thought the game meant "neighbour", instead of "roommate", the translation seemed a bit ambivalent here). The weird thing was, that they instantly entered my sim's apartment and used it like it was their own. "Weird", I thought, but dismissed it as some kind of bug, that interpreted "talking to a Sim" as "inviting a Sim home". I sent them all home and kept playing. Then, I changed the active household to a family that lives in a regular house. Suddenly, four random people showed up, entered the house and started watching TV. They, too, were considered roommates by the game. So I went back to the apartment building and modified it, removing all the "public place" signs from any outdoor spaces, as I thought they might have been the reason for this bug. I returned to the family home and sure enough, the "roommate" tag was removed from all the strangers. One day later, however, 8(!) new roommates spawned and I even got a message that I received 700ยง as "my roommates' part of the rent".
Mad Poster
#2 Old 11th Sep 2017 at 12:11 AM
Did you mean you actually use the "apartment" lot type?

That thing is borked. Do not use it. You have to stop it. Either delete the lot or try changing it to a community lot then back to a regular residential lot.

The apartment lot type is suppose to be a homeworld version of the "dorm" in university. But it is borked beyond belief. The only apartment you can build in this game is the Late Night version using NPC doors. Or if you want to try the Ani's Apartment mod, which simulates TS2 style apartments.

Nitromon is a type of Pokemon encountered in the Pokemon Nitrome Version series.

There. Mystery solved.
Test Subject
Original Poster
#3 Old 11th Sep 2017 at 1:05 AM
Oh dear. I knew it was odd when I set the building type to "apartment", thinking to myself "Huh, I don't remember ever doing this".
Yes, I did in fact use the "apartment" lot type, I haven't played Sims 3 in over a year so I thought that was how you made a Late Night apartment... Which actually doesn't even make much sense, since the Late Night apartments are pretty much just regular houses with blacked out rooms and different pricing, so you wouldn't *need* a different type of lot - so I should have realized that. Huh.

Thanks for the help!
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