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Sneak Preview of Project CRUMB - posted on 21st May 2017 at 7:32 PM
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Top Secret Researcher
#901 Old Today at 1:34 PM

Rabbit had her appointment yesterday. We didn't do a x-ray, but she passed her physical with no problems found. She does have a issue with her teeth in the back of her mouth not wearing down evenly, but it isn't causing her stress.

If the bouts of not eating continues, we will do a x-ray. In the meantime, she is feeling much better. Eating, thumping her feet at everything to alert all the other non-existent bunnies in the house, moving her hay bin feeder all over the place, ect... In other words, she is being herself. I figured after being examined for 20 minutes she would pout for 2 days. Nope. Once she chilled out from the ride home, she stuffed her face with hay even though I put hay in the carrier with her for the trip to the vet. Hay tastes different when it is eaten in the car I guess.

Rabbits are weird.

There's no rest for the wicked
#902 Old Today at 3:36 PM
YAY!!!!! That is such wonderful news! I am so glad she's better! And I know you feel better, too.


"Death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for awhile."
dodgy builder
#903 Old Today at 3:45 PM
Feeling accomplished. I have learned how to make patterns with only some templates from EA. I've learned a lot about filters, masks etc in Photoshop and now I just have to keep at the meshing tutorials.

I had a tumble on a citybike a couple of weeks ago though, and still not totally healed from that. I should be resting my hand, but frankly how long should one rest oneself? I have planned a trip to a market today though, at least my hand can rest then.
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