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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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#151 Old 19th Feb 2018 at 12:45 PM
Marjorie Walker is a Family Aspiration Sim, she has the 6-children-get-married LTW so I think she's gonna try to have at least 6 children.
Not sure if they will grow up in time for their mother to see them all married though, this kind of LTW are kinda hard with my playstyle.

I usually ignore the 10-kids want.
It's just a "regular" want and it's quite damn hard with the lifespan I use.

There are currently 3 Sims who were born from an abduction.
First one was Ray Mayhew. Lorna Mayhew was abducted in the first rounds of this hood, she moved out of the barracks and give birth to Ray. Then she married Vaklin Gorge, and had a baby girl (Lack Gorge-Mayhew, now Walker).
This Ray Mayhew married to Vivian Zadra-Atkins (now Mayhew) and they are the parents of those cute alien-looking twins.

The other two are Pekkung and Jappung Daeli-Jobs, now teenagers, children of J'Kepp Daeli-Jobs (now Walker).
Their mother later married to Roger Walker, but their two children in common (Jess and James) did not inherit any alien trait.

Funny fact:
Since J'Kepp is an hybrid, there is a chance her twins from abduction are pure breed aliens.
Since Ray and Vivian are both hybrids, there is a chance that their twins are also pure breed aliens.
And I won't peek, I want the game to surprise me in the next generation!
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#152 Old 19th Feb 2018 at 6:55 PM
Lots of birthdays in this rotation; it's always fun to see how the kids change as they age up.

Oh Derrick, I think you'll be sorry you didn't spend at least some of that time with your kid.

Let's hope the third time is the charm for Chloe. It must get confusing sometimes remembering which name to use.

Surely there will be some drama with the younger generation and their dating habits. They can't all be as lucky as Eleanor Walker.

I've managed the 6-children-get-married LTW, but never the 10-children want. I would like to achieve it sometime, though. In my Offspring Project game, I had a Romance sim who keeps wanting more and more loves. I try to do it for him, but I feel so bad about his wife that sometimes I have to stop trying.
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#153 Old 20th Feb 2018 at 8:38 PM
Yeah, I love seeing how they look after they age up.
I always look for resemblance to their parents and grandparents, sometimes there is a suprising likeness.

Yeah, after marrying three times it must be really confusing remembering which name to use.
Well, to be honest I think it's already confusing after marrying only once XD
(I'm not used to people changing their surname, it's not the custom of my country.)

My Romance Sims are usually very careful when it comes to cheating (I assume that IRL cheaters try to hide their sins as much as they can) but usually someone walks right by the door in the worst momen... and suddenly shouts, slapping and broken hearts.
But some of them are really really lucky indeed.

One of the things I like about apartments is that they can't help their neighbours being around at any time, nor who they are gonna invite over when they are being played, so it increases the being-caught chances.
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#154 Old 21st Feb 2018 at 4:07 PM
It's taking me so long to set up my new game, that I'm thinking I may start a thread on the Offspring Project just to feel like I'm contributing. The point of it is just what we're talking about -- seeing what physical attributes the kids inherit from their parents. I'm always fascinated by that, in my game and in everyone else's.

I agree that IRL cheaters probably usually try to hide it. Some of my sims are not so smart and will cheat in public places. What's funny is that the onlookers will often cheer, even though they're friends with the cheaters and know they're cheating.
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#155 Old 23rd Feb 2018 at 6:40 PM
I had never heard of the Offspring project... but that's been the way I've been playing forever.
Is that a subforum?
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#156 Old 8th Mar 2018 at 2:56 PM
Default #08g
Another rotation, and the population keeps steady - no deaths and no births this time.

The only new inhabitant is Corey Royce, who has moved into the Heritage Manor after being invited by Zavra.
He was a college student so he grew up in order to move here. But not much to tell, as I usually don't play the residents of Heritage Manor unless they were playable previously - they are pseudo-townies for me.

So let's begin with the elders.
For example, Cynthia Freeman felt like she would enjoy something wild. And who else but Derrick Lowe would she phone?
OH, my! What if her husband Damion finds out?

Love is in the air, and Cynthia's son Cassius also fell in love with Lucy Palmer.

Let's go back to Derrick Lowe and his lovers.
He decided to spend his free time (when his wife Rivia is at work) to try to seduce a young townie... but no way. Don't feel sorry for him, he'll eventually find another prey.
On the other hand, when he's at work Rivia devotes herself to their little Daniella.

And what about Rivia's family, the Zadra-Atkins?
Vilma keeps living in the same apartment building as Rivia, managed to save up a lot of money but currently she is unemployed and her social life is not flourishing so she focus on staying fit.

Vivian and her husband Ray celebrated the birthday of their twins Celia and Tina with a huge party, both families invited.
I think the little ones are very cute - but also very different, which is great.

Unfortunately Vivian and Ray had later an unwelcome visit - a burglar. But this burglar silly enough to show off in front of the policewoman and got caught.

And finally Arvian asked out Kay McAuley, a townie who had a crush on him (who actually had set some blind dates for him in the past).
But what's actually surprising is that they got engaged!! Whaaaaat? He's not the kind of guy who likes commitment and she does not seem to be the either, but the idea crossed his mind and they moved on.
I'm sure Vradia is very happy - and so am I, to be honest, because I think this can be a really funny couple to play! I hope they get married soon!

Another interesting couple, Laern and Alon Raymond.
He wants to have a baby and is talking Laern into it. Also her mother is encouraging her - grandma will be around to help with the little one!

Do you want to know who is pregnant again? Marjorie Walker! Yep.
Also Karnnh (third of the four children she already has) has grown into a child, so it's a little bit less of work for her.
But her husband Rannh is quite worried about how they can life on their tiny salaries and is trying to do some extra job as a freelance - hopefully they'll manage!

More Walkers, the children of Roger and J'Kepp Walker.
Jess has fallen in love with Tristam Freeman. He is cute indeed. And they kissed!

Also James has grown up. He looks like a serious child, but you never really know :D

Another Walker girl, the naughty one: Eleanor.
Asking out this one guy, having some fun. And then suddenly slapped by her roommate
She's always been careful about not getting involved with anyone in her apartment building, less of all her roommate, but seems he had developed feelings for her anyway. So... what to do now? Kick this roommate or stick with him and try to make peace?

I said I would begin with the elders but I've derailed
Oh, well, Chloe and Serdar Gregory had married in the previous rotation and now decided to travel abroad.
They enjoyed it a lot and came back very relaxed. And I loved seeing the Unsavory Charlatan dressed up in a Japanese fashion.

When they returned home, life went on as usual. More or less. Well, not much actually. Because Herbie got abducted. And that's not very usual even in this hood.

Some get abducted. Others try to save some money by repairing their computer themselves... and see what happened to Martha Smithers.

Her little Melania invited a friend home btw, she looks so grown up already.

And now about love and college.
Trod Entayta-Gorge seems to be serious about dating Priss White-Entayta. He even talks about getting engaged!
But they are too young and he's moving into college now, which means a lot of things might happen in the future. (But I would love having an Entayta-Entayta couple )

Actually Priss' brother Disarp is now in college now, and he has forgotten about any previous lovers and has fallen in love with Regina Sell - a townie who is often into fights.
And their other sibling, Prid, has just graduated and moved out (forgot to take a pic). She's engaged and I expect she'll be marrying her fiancé soon.
#157 Old 8th Mar 2018 at 9:38 PM

Oh a lot of sims growing up with others just being themselves and a really large number of good looking Sims they are.

Is Heritage Manor mostly for Elders?

Vradia is very happy - and so am I, to be honest, because I think this can be a really funny couple to play! I hope they get married soon!
sounds good to me.

Laern and Alon Raymond, having a baby sounds good to me as well.

Do you want to know who is pregnant again? Marjorie Walker! Yep.
Also Karnnh (third of the four children she already has) has grown into a child, so it's a little bit less of work for her.
But her husband Rannh is quite worried about how they can life on their tiny salaries and is trying to do some extra job as a freelance - hopefully they'll manage!
Hybrid Alien, yes? What kind of Freelance work? I frequently have my Sims write Novels and Paint

When they returned home, life went on as usual. More or less. Well, not much actually. Because Herbie got abducted. And that's not very usual even in this hood.
Hervie is too old to get pregnant, yes?

I do love it when my sims get Abducted, I only have a couple of them, I have not got around to them having their baby or babies yet though.

Martha Smithers, did she survive?

I love your Pictures.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#158 Old 9th Mar 2018 at 5:53 PM
@Amura, the Offspring Project is actually the way I normally play, too. This one, however, is specific to the site Sugah's Place and is limited to sims made by the creators there. I originally started it thinking it would be something quick to do since I'd gotten mired down in a bigger game and didn't like how I'd set it up. It ended up taking two years and I'm still not quite finished!

Lots of romance going on in Sedona.

I love when sims age up. At each stage, you can see a little more of how they'll look as adults, and it's fun to see how siblings are alike, and how they're different.

That was not the smartest burglar. Maybe he was fooled by the non-regulation headgear.

Unless she wants the regular drama, I think Eleanor will end up kicking out her roommate. He may try to make peace, but it will probably be impossible for him not to have bouts of jealousy and anger.

Great update!
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#159 Old 9th Mar 2018 at 9:18 PM
Yeah, Heritage Manor is mostly for elders. For elderly townies.
I always have one in my hoods.
When a playable ages up I also choose to age up those townies who are meaninful in their lives (either friends or enemies) so they keep in sync. But they would never die.
So they are moved into this building (often run by a playable, in this case Charles Walker) and pretty much ignored all the time, but they still socialize on their own and age up at 6PM and they eventually die of old age.
I only add one per rotation so it's quite slow but at least townies make a bit more of sense to me.

Marjorie is human and Rannh is 100% alien, one of the original alien townies in this hood, so all their offspring are alien hybrids, yes.
My Sims sometimes write novel - and more rarelly paint - for money. Some do it for pleasure, because it's a hobby they like, but not so many do it for money.
Rannh does. Because they do need it.

Herbie Mace is a teen, and I haven't added any mod which enables teen pregnancy, so no pregnancy from this alien abduction.
But he'll get a grant in case he decided to go to university so I guess there's some advantage in it.

In this hood there had been 2 pregnancies from abdution.
Lorna Mayhew gave birth to Ray (who is now an adult and father of two), and J'Kepp Daeli-Jobs (now Walker) gave birth to twins.

Martha Smithers survived, yes.
I keep my Sims motives as high as possible so it's quite unusual that they die of electrocution or lighting.

That project sounds good, although I would never use someone else's Sims. I like creating my own.

Yeah, there is a lot of romance. I like romance. And drama that comes after romance.
Also I do not take pictures of many other events - birthdays, romance, marriages, and little more.

I also love when Sims age up, specially when thy become children you can start to figure out their adult features. Yep, it's very cool.

Hahahaha, yeah, I have a very funky looking policewoman, she's been here from the beginning and I hope she does not get an early retirement because it's always a funny sight.

And I agree about Eleanor, that seems a wise move. Either that or maybe moving out and finding a better place for herself - although she's always tight on money,
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#160 Old 29th Mar 2018 at 8:39 AM
Oh, have you seen simler90's last mod here at MTS?
An alien turn-on!
I gotta try that!
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#161 Old 31st Mar 2018 at 12:01 PM
Default #09a
In this rotation I played twice two of the households, which got de-synced. Ok, no big deal, I know, but since I'm a bit picky about those things I'll try to skip them in the next rotation so they get sync again!

One of them was the Christian & Klaav Walker household.
They moved into another house after some attempts (they meant to move into a luxurious condo but the same townie started to spawn a lot of times, so I moved them out without saving and moved them into a house) with their friend the Bigfoot and their toddler Lack.
Got a larger place to live and Klaav inmediately started thinking about having another baby.

Well, maybe it's a good time because Lack is growing into a child and will be more independent than ever. She's quite a cutie btw

So Klaav got pregnant.
Next day (which should have been next rotation) she gave birth to baby boy Leon, who also inherited grandma Lorna's dark skin.

Christian's twin Marjorie also have family news.
Little Ann is the same age as her cousin Lack, and also growed into a child.

And also had a baby! Yep, the fifth one is a baby girl named Naia.

All their other kids are children (no teens yet) and they spend most of their time playing with each others.

They are a cute but poor family, and Rannh strugles to get some extra money with a novel but it seems to be not enough... and they could not afford to pay the maid which helped them with the home cleaning

Christian and Marjorie Walker are twins, and so are their siblings Eleanor and Roger.
Eleanor is a free sould and keeps dating all the nice guys she meets.

Roger lives with her wife's family and helped in-laws with the home business where they sell grandpa J'Sapp pottery, but costumers kept complaining about him being a too annoying seller.

Last but not least, the first of the Walker siblings runs the Heritage Manor, and now they have a new inhabitant: Caryl Hollmo, former burglar.
Which means we'll be getting a new burglar any time soon.

Btw she brought with her a huge inventory, which will be likely to get sold for a nice extra income. The Heritage Manor is finally out of debt and already on their way to improve the stuff they own!

Talking about households which are not in sync, the other one is a graduated from college: Prid White-Entayta.
She returned home, got a little make over and kept dating the drama teacher, Christopher Walton. (They are engaged.)

In what should have been next rotation, they got married and Christopher moved in. (And so Prid became Prid Walton.)
Forgot to take pictures of the wedding until it was almost too late, but even so it was a nice event.

Prid's youngest sister Priss (yeah, I should have not given them names that are so alike) decided not to go to college, and grew up into an adult.
She used to have an out-of-the-system kind of look and I really liked that the random clothes she got are not so feminine, they do round up that look.

Their brother Disarp is at college, and planning to form a family of his own too.
He was dating Regina Sell (a quite unpopular townie) and moved forward and propose. They are now engaged.

Trod Entayta-Gorge started this rotation still living at his mother's house, and dating Celeste Mace.

But later he moved into college (now sharing home with his half-brother Kliive and friend Disarp) and Celeste seemed just too young for him again.
So he phoned his old highschool sweetheart Priss... and relight the flame!

Trod's brother Vrodde is still a teen and seems to be quite in love with Aryana Baker, who has been dating for a while.
In their last date they happened to meet a vampire! (First one seen in this hood.)

Aryana's father, Cyril Baker, grew up into elderhood. Actually I think he improved with age!

Well, Cyril is a very formal man, but not all the elders are. Definetely not Derrick Lowe.
Once again he decided to ask someone for a date while his wife Rivia is at work. This time his date is one of the babysitters.

When Rivia arrived home early (got promoted!) almost caught them together but Derrick was lucky enough and sneaked out in time to get to job.
She did not seem to suspect despite the weird situation caused by having two babysitters at home (one taking care of the little one, another one still around after teh date).

Let's go check Rivia's sister Vivian and her husband Ray. They are teaching their twins to walk.
Overall they are doing pretty well and already considering whether to move out of this place and live somewhere else, now that they are four in the family and they have saved up quite a bit.

Also another baby is on the way! Laern Raymond is now pregnant

Not a lot of story here, but I took a pic of Martha Smithers while she was in an outing.

And also of her child Melania who invited Ann Dukrarn-Walker from school.

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#162 Old 2nd Apr 2018 at 6:06 PM
So the Walkers got a larger place, and Klaav has to fill it up right away!

Poor Roger. Maybe he's trying TOO hard, and needs to be a little less high-pressure with his sales technique.

I guess a life of crime actually does pay, and now it's helping Heritage Manor be a profitable business.

Prid has grown up so pretty, and I hope she'll be happy with the drama professor.

Derrick had better be more careful in the future, or Rivia will catch him.
#163 Old 6th Apr 2018 at 1:03 AM

oh such a nice round I think. Lots of kids and babies and some naughty sims too. Wonderful update.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#164 Old 6th Apr 2018 at 8:10 AM
Yes, Cher, it seems that Klaav wanted to fill the new larger house.
Which is alright with me, I'm always for babies - specially if there is a chance they'll turn up alien looking :D

Roger definetely tried too hard, but I think he'll go back to his books instead of helping the family - there are enough hands already, and it's only selling grandpa J'Sapp pottery.

Prid is pretty indeed, and so is her sister Priss (although Priss resembles their father more). Brother Disarp look good, I guess he has some feminine facial features but a beard helps a lot in those cases.
Overall they inherited great genes from their alien mother, who is a beauty IMHO.

Thanks lordtyger!
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#165 Old 7th Apr 2018 at 9:17 PM
Default Rotation #09b
I've been enjoying my holidays, which meant more playtime :D
So, another rotation - and a long one!

I'll start with the Bakers, because this was a rather eventful rotation for them.
First thing in the morning the matchmaker brought them a gift - a lamp, which my Sims usually consider as a "lottery" and ask for money.

This day Aryana had some visits. And Innah Dukrarn-Walker was such an asshole, I don't think he's gonna be quite a popular guy tbh.

Incidents started in the evening, when Aryana was so hungry that she decided (autonomosly) to grill some hot dogs. And a fire begun!
Luckily her parents were around and Cyril quickly came to help her.

Or maybe not so luckily... because he was soon on fire too!
And so Crystal came to his rescue.

To no avail, for he died in the fire.

Saw Crystal pleading for her husband life? Well, she challegend Death itself and she won!

So in the end the drama was limited to some extremely low motives.
Exhausted they all headed to bed - dinner was burned anyway - but that was not the end of the day. Nope.
Do you know who came? Oh, yes, a burglar heard about the "lottery" they had recently earned!
The burglar scaped with the $10k treasure certificate they bought to save for Aryana's college fees

Not a great day for the Bakers.

Since I talked about Innah before, I'll follow this story with his family.
His mother, Marjorie, is pregnant once again. Yep. Going for the sixth!

That evening she was so tired that she was already in bed while the rest of the family celebrated the birthday of little Naia.

More about the Walkers.
Eleanor doing her thing, which is keeping up with her shitty job and trying to have a s much fun as she can with every guy she meets

I wonder if her daughter Jess (daughter of Roger) will follow her steps? Right she seems very interested in Tristam Freeman but I'm not sure whether she's the commitment type.

Tristam is the youngest of the three Freeman children, and not a child anymore. And he's enjoying being a teen!

I think his mother feels like she could do taking care of someone, and decided to adopt a dog named Balin.

The oldest of the three, Cassius, is now at college. He got very lame clothes so he decided to dress formal just for the sake of going to the clothing store and get a fancy T-shirt he could wear without feeling ashamed.

Cassius lives in a students house with Disarp White-Entayta and Trod Entayta-Gorge.

Despite the likeness in their surnames they are unrelated... so far. Because Trod has just proposed to Priss, who is Disarp's sister! (Which explains the thought bubbles.)

Kliive Gorge, who btw is a good friend of them all, now longer lives there because he just graduated. Back to the hometown he rented an apartment.
(Have I mentioned that he is actually a Walker too, although it's a secret only his mother knows?)

Let's check the Zadra-Atkins family, who also celebrated a major event today: Arvian married Kay!
She was a college student but quit... and now she looks much more mature (which is nice, but kinda shocked me).

Are we to expect a happy marriage? They are both Romance Sims...
It was not Arvian's dream indeed, but Kay directly had an aspiration failure in her own wedding

All his family attended the wedding, that's his parent and his sisters - and their husbands.
But Rivia and Derrick had something else to celebrate too, their little Daniella grew up into a cute child.

Vivian and Ray's twins are still toddlers and they are spending as much time with them as possible - which is quite a lot, to be honest they are doing very well.

Ray is the first child of Lorna Mayhew, who later married Vaklin and gave birth to their daughter Klaav.
They lead a quite calm life and I think they could benefit from having some grandchildren around. If they chose to do so, would they invite their daughter Klaav to move in with them? Or would they rather help Ray - whom Vaklin loves as if he were his own child?

More about our dear aliens.
Laern gave birth to a couple of baby boys. Named them Neil (after Laern's father) and Liam .
They have regular human skin color - but they also have alien eyes! (So they count towards the number of hybrids.)
It's rather funny because their mom had normal alien eyes (I'm afraid I used for Neil custom eyes which I forgot to geneticize) as well as her father (former townie).

I guess the news excited good old Neil in his grave, that's why he spent the night visiting.

And now, birthdays.
Martha Smithers is now an elder - and I think she does need a new outfit! DESPERATELY! (She'll go shopping as soon as she finds the time, I'm sure.)

Also Caryl Hollmo, former burglar and now Heritage Manor resident. In this case she has improved a lot, and now she is a quite more elegant version of herself.

Btw there is a new resident in the Manor, a good old townie named Jaiden.

And Tina Palmer decided that they need a roommate.
Even when Steve lived they really were tight on money but things seem to go worse every day and she is afraid she won't have money to pay for Lucy college fees when the time comes.
So she invited her good friend Blair Adams to be a roommate. He's nice, he's a good friend, he's single... well, who knows what may happen.

And this should be all.
Well, actually I decided to add Bluewater Village as a subhood. Don't ask me, I don't even know why I did it
I guess everybody knows the inhabitants of this subhood, but I'll add them to the narration anyway.

Malcom Landgraab IV. The rich guy, that one. Wondering what to do with his money

During the first day he visited his electronic store, and of course flirted with the employee.

Then at night he visited his club, enjoyed his time while he earned some nice easy money.

Actually he wants to get a job in certain careers, but to be honest his bussinesses would be more profitable.

The Tinkers.
Stephan should provide for a problably growing family, since Wanda wants to have many children. So he is looking for a job. And in the meantime spends some time with their daughter Melody.

Wanda wants to be a stay-at-home mom, but that would give her some time to run a little home bussiness - although they don't have much money for an early investment.
So it's good to have friends, specially influencial friends. Not sure if vampires count in that sense

The Ram�*rez family.
Nice little family, no dramas. Both parents want to find a job but the furniture store actually sells, so even if they don't they'll be pretty fine.

Florence Delarosa already found a suitable job, but she'll keep the flower shop as an extra income - and because she loves flowers!

And last but not least, the Jacquet family.
Denise helps her son Gilbert, but he's more interested in flirting and probably will be looking for another job anyway.
(I admit it's the kind of bussiness I don't like running, I'm no good at it.)

#166 Old 9th Apr 2018 at 2:12 PM
@Amura I am back to posting as usual as my Family member is out of the Hospital and she is home now

Kliive Gorge, who btw is a good friend of them all, now longer lives there because he just graduated. Back to the hometown he rented an apartment.
(Have I mentioned that he is actually a Walker too, although it's a secret only his mother knows?)

Are other Sims going to find out sometime and so cause some drama in the future?

Good update and I like that you count the Alien Eyed ones as hybrids. I have several of those myself.

Quite nice pictures as usual.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#167 Old 9th Apr 2018 at 4:17 PM
I like the idea of playing the lamp as a lottery win. I used to always choose money or longer life, but then I tried choosing happiness and putting all my sims in permaplat status. It made the game too easy!

Innah looks like he has quite a bad attitude.

Wow, that was a lot of bad luck for one day in the Baker household!

Balin is a pretty dog; I'm sure Tristram's mother will enjoy having him around.

I like the way Kliive looks as an adult, as does Kay. They both matured very nicely. But Kay -- aspiration failure at your own wedding is not a good start.

I like the idea of Neil visiting the little ones.

@lordtyger, I'm glad your partner's back home from the hospital.
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#168 Old 13th Apr 2018 at 9:18 AM
Oh my, you had a family member in the hospital? I'm glad to hear everthing is fine now!

About my Sims.
I don't think anyone will find out about Kliive's father being James Walker. Maybe his mother will tell him, at the end of her life, just for the sake of not keeping a secret - but I'm inclined to think she won't. Vilkaa wanted to have a baby and for her James was just the way to get pregnant - that's why she never cared to tell him in the first place.
Later on she fell in love with Prod Entayta - that was unplanned but not unwanted - married and had more children. Prod was as good a father for Kliive as for his own kids (never spent much time with any of them, but didn't treat them badly either).

Yeah, alien eyed babies have an alien trait so I count them as hybrids. Funny fact is that none of their parents have such eyes.
I noticed a generation ago that I had made a little mistake, seems I had not geneticed (I don't think I can spell this) Neil Durant eyes properly and although they are natural-looking they work as custom eyes. So when Laern was born (half human, half alien) she should have had alien eyes (because they are dominant) but she did not. She was so cute I did not mind.
And those alien eyes which worked as recessive genes were passed unto both her twins. Cute.

My Sims always ask the genie for wealth, the lotto thing. Anything else I don't like, because I don't like my game to be too easy (and since my Sims already struggle to pay their bills the extra money is fine).
I think I might use the resurrection but I don't like to use it much either, it kinda screws my storyplay.
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#169 Old 1st May 2018 at 2:39 PM
Default Rotation #09c
The other day when I played I thought I had Fraps on, but it seems I did not. Which means I did not actually take the pics I thought I did... and now I can't remember what happened there *facepalm*
Oh, well, whatever, I'm gonna tell you about what happened in those households where I did take pics :D

Let's begin with the Walkers.
Roger Walker is now an elder and had to buy some clothes which matched his style (the ones he got automatically were ridiculous).

His twin Eleanor did not grow up yet - but won't take long.
Elderhood is something that worries her. She has always lived on a very tight budged, but it's getting hard for her to keep on like this - and now she wants a bit better life, maybe moving into a better apartment...
So she did something crazy. She proposed to one of her lovers, good old Quentin!

Quentin lives in the Heritage Manor, run by the first of the Walker siblings Charles.
Even if Quentin eventually leaves the manor, there is always some or another new inhabitant - in fact Quentin himself invited Shaun to move in!

No pics of Christian Walker, but we have some of his twin Marjorie Walker who gave birth to baby Lena - and also manages to spend time with the rest of her children.

More about babies.
Neil and Liam Durant-Dukrarn are now two handsome toddlers with huge black eyes.
(And their parents have already some savings to send them to college when the time comes...)

The Mayhews also saved up for their twins college, but Tina and Celia are no longer toddlers - now moving into childhood.

Know what? Vivian Mayhew's sister is pregnant. From one college professor or the other, you never know for sure.
(I thought that her life needed to get shaken and having a baby is life-changing indeed. Haven't thought what she'll do from now on...)

In the meantime their father Vradia (who lives with Arvian and his spouse) seems to be seeking for love, and young Tracy does also look interested in him.

Absolutely unrelated, but Martha Smithers - also an elder - got a makeover.
She looks a bit more classic and polished now. Activewear all day long was not her thing.

Another lifestage: college!
Disarp keeps dating Regina Sell, and Cassius has a love interest (although her name is Cassidy and having a Cassius and a Cassidy together almost sounds like a joke).

While Disarp enjoys his college time, his parents (who are not wealthy btw) had an unwelcome visit... a burglar!
And they were not the only ones, the Maces also had her around >_<

Talking about the Maces, those kids are in a very romantic mood :D
Herbie had his first kiss with townie Opal. And Celeste has been dating Innah Dukrarn-Walker.

More teens, more dates. Lucy Palmer (going to college next rotation) and Vrodde Entayta-Gorge.

And I'm just finishing with a picture of Florence Delarosa invited over to dinner in the Gorge-Mayhew house.

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#170 Old 4th May 2018 at 7:57 PM
It seems nearly all your sims were doing well this rotation, except for the burglaries. I wonder if Eleanor will regret her proposal. It seems she is really mostly interested in adding to her bank account.
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