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Default Flash Plugin issue
When I post a reply and click "Go advanced" I get a notice that "the Flash Player Plug-in has crashed", and therefore I cannot upload pictures.
I'm using Firefox and I updated Flash after this happened, but it didn't fix the problem. Thanks!

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#2 Old 15th Sep 2017 at 11:40 AM
There is also an option to bypass Flash completely when uploading pictures or files in forum posts. I don't have Flash on this computer and the alternative is at the very bottom of the upload section. It reads "If you are having problems with the SWF uploader, click here to show the old uploader."

ETA: Flash is evil.
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I think Flash is evil too, I just thought it was a necessary evil. Thanks for the tip about bypassing Flash.

I posted here because Firefox has not been getting along with MTS in the past month. The Flash issue only occurs on MTS. First it was a problem with the Creator score card. Now it's a problem with posting. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I thought (notDelphyanymore) might want to know.

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Yes, it's probably also good to remind EnigmaticallyRenamedOwner of this site that Adobe will end development, distribution and support of Flash by 2020:

And also that Firefox has stopped supporting several plug-ins starting with v52 last year and will eventually disable Flash entirely:
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Oh I know, that's why I've been working on an alternative that uses HTML5 instead.

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