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Wanderlust, a new Sims 2 building contest - posted on 3rd Feb 2018 at 3:19 AM
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Lab Assistant
#126 Old 30th Jan 2018 at 4:20 AM
Petya had quite the view there! That was a cute little update.

I do like decorating my sim houses. I think my husband likes that I do it on the computer instead of wanting to redecorate all the time in real life. I like building at times, too, but not nearly as much as I like decorating.
#127 Old 31st Jan 2018 at 12:30 AM
@Charmful I love Kashmire Point and the boardwalks. They make me want to find some beach property that I have not already used for sim houses to do the same and I am thinking it might have to wait until I add another subhood with beach lots.

The tiny tale of Petya, the Little Green Robot is so cute!

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but satisfaction brought it back.
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Original Poster
#128 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 5:22 AM
Default Family: The Thackerys
Replies from last post

@Kukamuukaanmuka @lordtyger9 and @Cher64 - I am glad you enjoyed the tiny tale of Petya, thanks for leaving your comments

Cher, I know how that is where the husband prefers you go on decorating rampages in sims rather than in real life. My husband has tried talking to me while I am 'in the zone' on decorating sims 2 dwellings and it's like talking to a wall. Lol.
lordtyger, If you end up doing some beach lot/boardwalk real estate I would love to see how that works out in your game

The Thackery Family

The Thackerys are a newer family in Kashmire, showing up in game within the past five years IRL, and it's still just the main family that is kicking around as they haven't had time to grow and develop a multi-generational history within the hood. The family consists of parents Siri and Jarome, their son Antoine, and two daughters named Alarie and Alanna (not twins, surprisingly!) They moved to the region for Siri's job transfer to the Scandalica City Tribune when the daughters were just toddlers. They settled in a nice home on the west side of the island near the Harts and Pipers and other suburban family dwellers.


Siri wears the pants in the family, so to speak. Her job as an investigative journalist brought her to the region so she is considered the spouse with the 'priority' job. She's constantly busy with work, somewhat of a workaholic and that's why Jarome stayed home with the kids and home schooled them until about junior high when they were released to the public school system. Siri is a fierce and beautiful woman, even as she ages, and has tenaciously risen the ranks of the print industry in Scandalica and is now currently a magazine editor. She is gunning for the top spot of media magnate. Whenever Siri has any free time she can usually be found working on writing a book, as she is a thrice published author.


Jarome is a buff dude. His girls always bragged when they were children that their dad was the 'strongest dad in the world' since he could lift each off the ground fully with the power of each bicep. His fitness routine kept him in shape for the physical exams he had to take to get into the police force in Isla Del Kashmire; he wanted to continue to make his kids safe by joining. He was a found to be a great fit as a SWAT team leader which he has been in charge with the past half-decade. Before that, he was a doting father on his kids, as well as attentive teacher, and an excellent cook from watching cooking shows on daytime TV. He has a fun sense of humor and all his kids' friends like his company and cooking. He also likes to interior decorate when he has time to go to the Home decor store and gets ideas, the most recent refurbishing being the kitchen.


Antoine was an engineering prodigy as a kid. He would often go around the house, taking things apart to see how they worked, and constantly tinkered. Jarome finally got fed up and bought him model cars and robot kits to build to keep him from tearing the house apart and this proved to be Antoine's calling in life. His enthusiasm for building machines rubbed off on his little sister Alanna even and she'd often bring him things to look at that she took apart, but from his experience that made their parents mad so he would put it back together (he knew how to fix anything at that point) and keep Alanna from getting yelled at. He is close with both his little sisters since they are all very close in age.

Antoine got engineering scholarships and attended Academie Le Tour where he was a darling in the robotics competitions, sweeping clean all awards every year he entered which caught the attention of a mech conglomerate based in Memosa Bay. Antoine fell in love with his sister's friend, Leona Hillenburg, when he was in high school. She was pretty, a talented singer, and most of all...she didn't laugh at him when he showed her his robots. She was three years younger than him and it was a dark day when her father caught them making out in her room. Antoine could have been beaten within an inch of his life if he hadn't sprinted out of there fast enough. He struggled with his feelings for Leona after that, knowing her father would never accept them.

Antoine did get to be with Leona for real for about a year when he was a senior in college but his new job after graduation took his time and attention away from her enough that she called it quits. He was devastated and threw himself into his work which the corporation was happy for because Antoine is a genius and has been working on A.I. technology enhancements the past year and demoing the prototypes all around the world at conventions. He is a minor character in my Sims 2 stories where you can read more about what is currently going on with his life in Kashmire.


Alarie is the middle child, only a year and a half older than Alanna and a year younger than Antoine. Alarie tries to get out of the middle child rut but still falls short as in she hasn't obvious passions that her siblings do. She is averse to nerdy hobbies and is more interested in fashion and parties. As a child she shared a room with her sister and developed a sort of rival mind set toward Alanna. She thinks Alanna has the world convinced she is perfect so to counter balance that Alarie has done some rebellious actions that have gotten her in hot water as a teen such as sneaking out or getting bad grades. Alarie is a fierce friend but also fiercely judgmental at times, she can be pretty sassy and argumentative too. She is much closer to Antoine than Alanna and encourages him and Leona to be together. She finds entertainment and purpose in trying to help those around her, even if her help is not needed. She has a long time on again-off-again boyfriend named Rafael who is her brother's age but in his last semester at SSU. Alarie attends Academie Le Tour, she is as smart as her siblings but doesn't apply critical thinking as often. Alarie is a main character in my sims 2 stories.


Alanna is as sweet as cherry pie. She is often described as having a warm smile, a calming presence...even as perfect, all due to her kindness, positivity, sense of humor, intelligence, and beauty. It's not hard to imagine how many males have gotten tangled up in an infatuation with her. She doesn't ask for all this attention but takes it in stride. She loves her family very much and she yearned for close friendships in her youth, dismayed to find out that others thought she was too good for them to try and be her friend. She never really put herself out there, socially, but was president of the chess club and won the science fair in high school with a weather-changing device which has caused an intellectual rivalry with Shane Calhoun since then.

Alanna's favorite color purple, like her sister, and finds enjoyment in reading, tinkering, and helping others—which is why Alarie often pokes at her, calling her a 'fairy tale princess'. Alanna currently attends SSU and lives in an all –girls dorm but visits home every weekend to see her parents, and if time allows, her best friend, Franz Schoulsburg—who seems to be her only close friend these days since she has a rigorous study schedule. A she is a biology student wanting to go into pre-med and be a doctor to help others, of course. She is a main character in my sims 2 stories and according to a poll I made after the first one, the most favored.

Family Home
Like most other houses in my hoods, the Thackery family lives in one of Triciamanly's homes (can't seem to find the link here so maybe I got it of simsfanUK?)

It's a tall home, a three stories but only had three bedrooms and two and half baths. The kitchen is large, which makes Jarome really happy and the living room has high ceilings and lets in a lot of light. In addition there is a in-ground pool and jacuzzi in the back yard along with a patio for grilling that also has a fire pit for a very social family.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

Lab Assistant
#129 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 7:37 PM
Siri and Jarome are gorgeous; no wonder their kids turned out so gorgeous. Jarome has really done well as the primary parent AND handling a high level/high stress career.

I wonder if Antoine will one day understand that he actually chose work over Leona, and that he could fix that if he really wanted. Alarie is a handful, and I love her facial expressions. Alanna will do well, and it sure looks like she was winning that debate with Shane. She was already a formidable opponent even when she was young.
#130 Old 12th Feb 2018 at 12:53 AM
Oh I really love the Thackery Family, Siri and Jarome are a gorgeous couple, and their kids are all really good looking. I like Siri and I hope that she will make it to Media Magnet soon. Is Jarome going to be Captain Hero soon?

I hope that Antoine, Alarie, and Alanna will all do well in the future. Is Alanna going to be in love with Shane do you think? They do look very involved and sometimes it might work that way.

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Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
just a girl
#131 Old 12th Feb 2018 at 5:45 PM
You have such a wonderful well developed neighborhood. Lovely pictures. And it's nice of you to give links to houses and mods. Quite a shopping list!
Link Ninja
Original Poster
#132 Old 17th Feb 2018 at 8:58 AM Last edited by Charmful : 17th Feb 2018 at 10:13 PM. Reason: Fixed coding so everything can now be seen
Default Feature: Valentines Day
Hello! I was working on a little project this last week and a half to use the top date spots in each area of Kashmire as a backdrop for some sims dates. Some of the couples have previously been introduced in Family-specific posts and some are new to this thread. I will discuss the history of the location as well as tell the tale of how each date went, and provide pics of course

But first!

Replies from last post

@Cher64 - The Thackerys indeed are an attractive-looking fam. I kind of was inspired by Terry Crews' character from the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine for Jarome. Antoine chose his work over Leona but in turn Leona has her own ambitions that also get in the way of their future as a couple. Their work is important to them and both understand that, but can't help but to yearn for each other at the same time and don't know how to compromise. Alanna is a formidable opponent, she had taken 2nd place in the years leading up to her victory and finally Shane had gotten a taste of his own medicine.

If you are interested, there's more detail here and here about Leona and Antoine's relationship from the story perspective. This chapter also covers some more of Shane and Alanna's rivalry.

@lordtyger9 - I think Siri is on a trajecotry to achieve her goal as media magnate. She has a vision for the company she works for and puts in a lot of hours to impress the higher-ups. Jarome doesn't have the goal to reach Captain Hero, there's already a lot of cops that are more competitive and stepping up game to get that title now that Ash Calhoun has retired. There's a lot of work-politics involved and Jarome won't want to step on the toes of his Police Chief, Cheyanne Wellington who has been working toward being Captain Hero since she first joined the IDKPD force.

All the Thackery children are smart and have a lot going for them, even Alarie who seems to be in a sort of slump at college should be fine in the long run. Alanna may learn that not everyone and everything is as honest or kind as she would imagine. You know, you are the first person to ever pick up on Shane and Alanna's history and question if something romantic could come of it...and I will say, that you aren't barking up the wrong tree but I am not in a place to give any spoilers as Alanna's story is still being told in Nest of Vipers. Do you still read it?

@Lamare - Hi, it's a delight to see one of your comments on my hood thread, thank you for the compliment! I always try to curate some good pics on the subject of the post. You make some great cc and I have to admit that a few posts back where I mentioned Amelia Wellington had a part-time job as a dolphin tank cleaner is all thanks to that part-time job mod you made earlier this year. It's been working great so far I try to add in links if they are relevant to the post at hand, and I will always apologize if I accidentally put someone into a download binge.







Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

#133 Old 17th Feb 2018 at 9:12 AM Last edited by lordtyger9 : 17th Feb 2018 at 9:29 AM.
@Charmful your Starlight Amphitheater looks really nice, I went an clicked on the link and the layout of Starlight Amphitheater seems really good and I am sure that it is a great place for Dates.

The Garden of Eden night club lloks great and has a great layout. Another great place for Dates.

Metro Museum Of Modern Art, looks like a great art gallery. I never would have thought of having a resturant with the gallery. I like the idea though.

Wow I really love the look of the building outside your Wild Scarlet Oasis & Spa, I like Spas and I have a couple of them. I like the layout of your Wild Scarlet Oasis & Spa as well. I am going to make a Spa with the hot spring sometime. Yet another great Date place.

Kashmire Point - Boardwalk 4, is an Über Date Location, wow it has everything just about. I really like how the Building looks from the outside.

I liked all of the Date Pictures, you did a great job with all of the dates.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
Test Subject
#134 Old Yesterday at 12:41 AM
Wow! Just, wow. I have really enjoyed reading and catching up. I'm loving your buildings, and the characters you have. It's like having a TV drama running in my head,that I can't wait for the next episode. :D

My Sim Play found Here
Lab Assistant
#135 Old Yesterday at 6:21 PM
What awesome structures and diverse decor, Charmful! Your building work is really inspiring. I think date locations would make an excellent building contest here on the site one day. Have you considered it?

Come Visit A Pleasant Place.
Lab Assistant
#136 Old Yesterday at 9:51 PM
Thanks for the links. I must tell Alarie, despite what she thinks, Antione (or AB-toine, as she called him) did impress at least one other person besides Leona.

You have some great date spots in your game, and it was fun seeing a date at each location. I would probably go to the Garden of Eden, but the Wild Scarlet also looks like a great place to relax and have fun.
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