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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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Field Researcher
#101 Old 10th Apr 2018 at 7:58 PM
I really enjoyed this look at Julien's life. He was pretty busy for a day off! I laughed at how he sabotaged the rival restaurant, but I was surprised how much salmon was left to spoil. I expected more people would at least try it.
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Original Poster
#102 Old 15th Apr 2018 at 3:46 PM
Default One year anniversary.... so, party?
So, today's the one year anniversary of this thread. One year ago I was in the final exam season, thinking about sharing this hood after having been invited to this group, and then deciding to crank out a forum post for it. Motivated, I then made a post for the Day family, staying up till one in the morning to get it done. I've since been amazed at the reception this hood has received and it's definitely been a lot of fun writing these posts and updating the fanon pages for it on The Sims Wiki.

So, I'm not entirely sure what to do on this one year anniversary. I thought of doing something big, but I couldn't think of any, and it's not really that big of a deal, is it? I realize that this hood isn't available for public download, and in fact, nothing I have on here is available for download. The houses I've built and the Sims I've created probably aren't good enough to be uploaded to MTS, but that's fine; I can still share them. Which is what I've decided to do.

In this folder I have uploaded the appearances of pretty much all of the Sims that I have made in this hood. They have been cloned and sanitized using Body Shop, so they should be safe to use in your game. The links to download are also available on each individual Sim's fanon page. Appearances for Maxis-made Sims, Alec Bigfoot, and the Newbie Servos aren't listed, because, well, that's kinda daft.

Do let me know if any of the links aren't working or if one of the files are incorrect.

Now here's to another year of Simming with The Sims 2! In the past year or so I've learned quite a lot more about the game, specifically on storytelling and picture taking. I think my photos have been getting better now that I have the appropriate mods, am using the appropriate programs to their potential, and some in-game tricks (like saving camera positions) to make photography a lot easier and nicer. Even though The Sims 3 has its own bucket of goodies, I still must confess that I prefer storytelling and picture taking in The Sims 2. Also, I find that Sims in TS2 have much more depth and I feel more attached to them than the Sims I've created in TS3. Still, I'm enjoying the third iteration in the series, and perhaps I'll create a fanon for that too, who knows.

Hopefully you're all enjoying SimVille and the magic I've been able to create with it. This neighbourhood has been around since 2014, and it's the longest lasting hood I have. Hopefully I haven't actually corrupted it by accident or anything, so that I'll be able to play this for many more years to come. And, who knows how much longer I'll keep updating this thread? ...Although hitting the 365-day mark is a good sign, I suppose.
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#103 Old 1st May 2018 at 10:43 PM Last edited by k6ka : 2nd May 2018 at 1:58 AM.
Default Friday morning with the Days
Ah, so it's that time of the year again. School's out and while I do have another summer job, this time I'm staying in-town to work at an amusement park. Hopefully that means I'll be able to update this thread more often than I did last year!


Back to the Days, a family I haven't played in a while.

It's 1AM. Jaden, Bradley, and Ethan are sleeping in the boys' "bedroom".

Taylor was passed out on the living room couch.

Cody had spent the night gaming on the computer, but looks like it broke. Ah well. He'll have to call Beth Love over tomorrow to have it fixed.

Christian was the only other person awake in the apartment. I think I last had him clean the bathroom.

Cody decides to just call it a day and snuggles down cozily into his bed.

Christian went up to the roof to stargaze, lacking anything better to do. Isn't it amazing that he can still see so many stars in the city?!

This time Ethan was the other boy that was going to be staying up for the second half of the night (poor Jaden finally gets a break!). Two half-brothers passing the night quietly together... for a moment, at least.

Christian needs some shut-eye.

Ethan stargazes quietly on his own. He wonders what it's like out there in space, a vast, limitless void of nothingness.

At around 5AM, Jaden wakes up, still sore and uncomfortable from the stress of his poor grades and his lack of sleep. He takes a shower nonetheless.

Cody's sleeping in this morning after staying up so late playing computer games. The boys don't have much to eat, so they raid the fridge for cookies. Perhaps the sugar in the cookies will substitute for bread and cereal.

Christian sleeps until morning.

He wakes up to a very unhappy stomach.

There's some leftover pizza in Jaden's inventory. Like the Torres, Haiders, and Francos, the Day brothers save up every bit of leftover food for consumption later, especially on the days when Cody doesn't feel like cooking (which is just about every day) and there aren't any restaurant leftovers for them.

Cody wakes up at long last.

"Yes, the computer's smoking a little bit. I guess it found our relationship a little too hot to handle!"

A little brotherly bonding?

The school bus arrives. Cody waits for all of his sons to leave the apartment before he even sets foot outside his bedroom in his PJs.

Cody knows better than to tamper with electronics after that electrocution... but he mostly called the landlady to invite her over socially...

"Cody is such a dear..."

But as soon as Beth is out of earshot, Cody's on the phone with... someone else!

Oh, Cody... will he ever learn?

"I don't want to hear about your disgust for sumo wrestling LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!! Enough with that!!"

(Danielle didn't even live in the building; she was just a walkby that the landlady tried to strike up a conversation with)
Field Researcher
#104 Old 4th May 2018 at 7:51 PM
It was a smart move on Cody's part to call for repairs rather than try to fix the computer himself. I've had more than one sim get electrocuted that way. However, it seems he was looking for much more than just a fix for his computer. The boys are doing about as well as they can at taking care of themselves; I wish Cody would help them out a little more but he seems only able to think of himself right now.
Field Researcher
#105 Old 4th May 2018 at 9:08 PM
Ugh that Cody.. please even cook for your kids!!

~~~~Call me Ellu ~~~

Past the point of no return,
No going back now,
Our passionplay is now begun.
Past thought of right or wrong, final question, how long have we wait before we're one?
~Andrew Loyd Webber (Phantom Of The Opera)
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Original Poster
#106 Old 9th May 2018 at 10:19 PM
Default Midweek woes for the Cuevas
Julio came home Tuesday evening to his younger siblings playing outside on the street. He's unfazed by it—it's a common sight in the favelas—but today Julio wanted none of it. He went straight into the house and into his room, out of sight.

Isabelle had spent the better part of her evening cleaning her bathroom. Won't Cheryl be a good kid and watch a movie with her? No boys, no Julio, not even her hubby; just mother and daughter watching a chicken comedy.

Cheryl brought Tina Traveller home from school, but she seemed more interested in playing cops and robbers with Garrett than watching a silly movie.

On the other side of the street, Evan and Gallagher Newson had a one-on-one water balloon fight with each other. Waiting for a parent to say it's not safe... but life in the favelas was never safe, was it? The Cuevas parents are used to all of those dangers. And the Newson clan have enough on their hands already.

Julio bought dinner at work, but he's still feeling a bit peckish. Rather than reaching for a plate of his mother's leftovers, he grabs a protein shake from the fridge and downs the chocolate-flavoured, sugar-free drink with great gusto.

Julio's a bit tired and cranky.

Julio, I know you didn't have the best of days today, but that doesn't mean you can just go and yell at your mother while she's cooking—even if you're not going to eat it.

"What do YOU know of anything?! Do YOU know how I feel?! You're just living up there, watching us from above, and you don't even come down here to walk on this world on our level! You wouldn't be saying all of that if you have ever walked in MY shoes!!"

Julio, I know you're pissed at your parents for making you leave your friends behind. I'm not saying that is necessarily a good thing, but you can't just keep being so bitter about this forever.

"Yeah, that's easy for YOU to say!! I bet you've never had to move and leave your friends behind against your will!! Do you even HAVE a will?! Hmm?!? Why don't you play me with free will on?!?"

The dining table was quiet today. Thomas is tired after a long day at work and isn't really in the mood to talk. Isabelle, Garrett, Cheryl, and Evan don't have much to say. And of course, Julio's absent, but he wouldn't have talked at all at the table if he somehow was there.

At Garrett's insistence, the three kids clear the table and wash the dishes.

Thomas quietly brushes his teeth and gets ready for bed.

Dear Diary,

Julio once again didn't show up for dinner. I think he is still angry at us for moving... as usual. I am surprised that he has allowed his anger to hold onto him for so long.

I really do hope that things will change, that Julio will learn to forgive us and know that we didn't mean to separate him from his friends. We know how close Julio was to the people in the favela, and we really liked them too. I hope that someday we'll be able to get together the money to go back and visit them. I wish Julio would stop and listen long enough for us to tell him that we really do love him and we really do want to see him with his old friends again.

Alas, I have been writing down these hopes for many, many pages now. I have been praying for the same things over and over again, but nothing has turned up. I feel tempted to give up, give up and abandon God like He seemed to have abandoned me. But I cannot abandon my son.

"Did you guys hear Julio yelling at mom in the kitchen? Why do you think he's still angry after all these months?"

"It seems really strange that he's still mad at mom and dad after all this time. I think maybe we should just give him some money and let him go back."

"Good observation!"

"I can't speak for dad, but I don't think mom has given up on him yet. I think the best thing we can do is to be patient and not be cold to him. Julio's still part of this family, after all. He's still our eldest brother."

Test Subject
#107 Old 10th May 2018 at 1:01 AM
I love these little stories
Field Researcher
#108 Old 10th May 2018 at 5:11 PM
It was nice to see Isabelle and Cheryl have a little time together, just the two of them.
If he hadn't been thinking bed, I'd have said Julio gave himself a thermal headache drinking his protein shake too fast! You got some great pictures of him with all his facial expressions. But maybe that attitude of his is why he hasn't made any new friends yet.
I loved the diary sequence. I'm totally going to steal that idea, and make actual diary entries for my sims. I also loved the younger kids sitting around talking and plotting.
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