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Default Using Theme Generator Has Caused Computer Issues
UPON UPDATING MY PROFILE I went into the them generator and when I did a reset it said to click shift + f5. When I have to use the function keys, I have to use a fn key then the function key. When I clicked on it and decided to not change anything, I backed out of the page. I went to another page on the mts website. When I did, the site automatically generated a new window with only MTS as the tab. When I clicked on google icon in my taskbar, it generated a new google window with MTS as the tab. Everytime I tried to delete it, it generated a new one. Then, I deleted my bookmark of MTS on my bookmark bar. Opened a new tab did a search, when I typed in Mod the turned out to be MOD THE caps lock isn't even pushed. I can't use my mouse wheel on any page even in the tabs I have opened. My left shift button works, but my right shift button doesn't work. This is happening to every website page I go to. Not just MTS. So, whatever the fn + shift + f5 did...It screwed up a lot of stuff.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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I am so so sorry that happened to you. I love the things that you made.
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