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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 8:50 AM
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#151 Old 12th Oct 2017 at 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by Woxxey
Adding more Sims to the neighborhood makes me feel like I would ruin everything.
It certainly hasn't ruined it for me! The very first thing I did in The Sims was to add new Sims (teenager Andrew and his mum Gloria) to Veronaville. Soon afterwards I borrowed their names as my user name here. For the first few months I just played my own Sims and then slowly let the pre-mades into the story. Quite a few of the Veronaville townies have also emerged as major characters in my game too. I see it as following the lives of ordinary townspeople in a quite beautiful town that has been blighted for years by a long-running feud between two of its leading families. The old feud is really dying down now as fewer and fewer of the Capps and Montys are committed to fighting each other, but it still flares up occasionally. Never having been a member of a wealthy feuding family myself, I find it easier to identify with the "ordinary" townsfolk. Over the five years I've been playing them, I've come to love the town and its inhabitants so much, that I honestly wish I could move to Veronaville and live with them. It's still far from perfect but we Veronavillians believe we are building a better future.

One of these days I'll write a proper post in this thread about what the pre-mades have been getting up to in our town. I promise!

I do sometimes play other 'hoods.

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#152 Old 12th Oct 2017 at 3:22 PM
I use all the Veronaville Sims in my megahood except the Summerdreams, the Capps and Montys are fighting like always, but all the teens are in the Campus right now living in the Dorms that built their families. And I also create Benvolio to the Monty's family.
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#153 Old 13th Oct 2017 at 12:08 PM Last edited by Sketching : 13th Oct 2017 at 7:00 PM. Reason: Grammar check
Default The Capps
To be fair, I first stumbled upon VV when I shared the game with a few friends and I was given this hood for myself and I was a complete noob back then so you can imagine the destruction my first VV faced!

As time went on, I realized that I did like some of the sims enough to attempt stories with them but as much as I like the neighborhood layout, I found some of the houses too small for large families and some of the houses too big for smaller households to live in so most of the shipped houses were drastically rebuilt for space. Thank goodness for @Jawusa's empty templates so that I could reuse the edited houses over and over again because cabbage knows how lazy I am when it comes to building!

I know it sounds scandalous but I wasn't as drawn in by VV's canon story as I thought I'd be; I was expecting it to follow the Shakespearean plays more, I suppose, and was wondering why Beatrice and Benedick were siblings instead of lovers and didn't understand who among Consort's children was actually the first-born, among other questions. I'm not a particularly romantic person myself so drama resulting from romantic relationships needed more impact for me to be immersed in the story.

After much trial and error, I finally had an iteration of Veronaville that I actually liked enough though was quite different from how it's shipped given that my first VV was corrupted due to the influx of sims from Pleasantview and Strangetown back when I didn't know any better. It's not exactly an uber or megahood so I opted not to post this in the megahood thread.

First things first - I changed several of their aspirations: since Juliette was supposedly the heir to the Capp family, I turned her into a Fortune sim. It helped that she rolled wants to get a job and perform better in school. Hermia became Popularity, which was based on her strong friendship with Helena in the original play, and Miranda become Knowledge because I thought that she was too nice to be a Romance sim (I have more variety in aspirations now though - this was back when I first started) and I wanted more female Knowledge sims in the hood. I don't remember why I turned Bianca into Romance but this worked well in my favor. Oberon was more of a Pleasure sim to me due to my interpretation of his character in the play, Kent was Popularity (I think it was because of his interests), Antonio became Family for story reasons, and I thought Tybalt fit Family more but decided not to change it just yet for storyline as well.

Next - I appreciate the effort that went through all of their relationships but I wanted something else out of it. I wasn't fond of the feuding families concept in the original play and it didn't work out here either so I completely ignored it. Eventually the 3 main families of Veronaville were divided into 3 separate storylines that didn't have much to do with each other. I have difficulty engaging in large neighborhoods and this was my way of coping with the sheer number of sims. When I learned how to use SimPE, I dragged everyone's relationships to 0 and edited their memories to make it as if the Capps and Montys were never enemies then removed all of the shipped romances.

Be warned - most of what happened next was a result of trying to give the sims a story that appealed and made sense to me, which may not appeal or make sense to anyone.

For the sake of brevity, I decided to jot down about the Capps alone for now. I fear that I can be so long-winded and detailed that I'll end up occupying a whole page to myself just trying to discuss everything in my Verona.

The Capps:
In my head, the Capulets (yes, I renamed them) were a powerful business family that's currently in distress because the original heir, Cordelia (Contessa's favorite child), was incompetent enough that Consort had to take over the company to save it. Goneril longed for her parents' approval but was shunned by them and only agreed to her arranged marriage with Albany in the hopes that it'd win some attention from them to no avail. Regan was slated to inherit the company as she was the most business-astute (is that a word?) of the family yet the fact that neither she nor Cornwall want children was a source of hesitation even for Consort, who favored Regan the most. Kent spent most of his time away from the drama by hanging out at art conventions, plays, and classical concerts, which inspired doubt in Cornwall, who was raised to be a workaholic and blamed Kent for making him believe that there's more to life than the corporate world.

Consort threw himself into his work after Contessa's death. He was unsure about a lot of things and running out of time to think about the future he wouldn't get to see. Regan was his favorite and one of the best entrepreneurs in the company's history yet if she wasn't going to have children, who would they pass the company down to? Juliette was still too young to lead the company but she already had a position in it at least. Tybalt would do good by the family but not for the business with his abrasive attitude, and Hermia had no interest in the company whatsoever. Miranda and Hal were smart but too soft for the world of business and Desdemona would be perfect if she had any interest other than science. Goneril and Kent were completely out of the question. What was he going to do?

Juliette was too busy wanting to be an overachiever that the thought of romance never occurred to her; sure, she's on the student council and an aspiring archaeologist (don't kill me - she kept appearing in the museum I created so the idea popped into existence) yet she had workaholic tendencies and difficulty working with others. Tybalt knew no other way of life other than wanting to make his family proud because he knew that he'd never fit in anywhere else, not with that Capp name blinding everyone to who he really was, including himself. It took me a long time to think of anything up for Hermia but after studying her interests, I decided that she was a Soapbox Sadie of some sort, fighting for just causes and attending secret meetings in dubious basements. She's what Tybalt wanted to be but since he's scared as well, he settled for being overprotective of his more capable sisters instead.

I actually found Goneril's branch the most interesting. Basically, Goneril worked in the Capp company constantly wanting Consort's approval yet was an emotionally neglectful parent herself, unaware that she's repeating the pattern with her own children. Albany wasn't much better - he grew up believing that providing children their physical needs and sending them off to good schools was the sole responsibility of a parent. The kids were mostly just pawns for Goneril and Albany's egos, much to their dismay, and were on a rigid schedule of school and training for the business Miranda and Desdemona could inherit in the future. Hal was pretty much ignored by his parents as he was ineligible for inheritance yet was the heart of the family, whereas Desdemona was a sassy, sharp-tongued aspiring scientist and Miranda was lost in depression and longed for another world so much she practically lived in novels.

Stupidity ensued here - corruption somehow deleted Ariel Capp in my first VV and it's gotten so ingrained in my head that in-story I just cut off her ties with the Capps and sent her to the orphanage, where she developed her own storyline with the Montys.

Regan was the typical Capp workaholic who disapproved of the notion that not having children was a dead end; she donated to schools and orphanages but was in no way interested in having children of her own, much to her father's disappointment. Meanwhile, Cornwall spent more and more time with Kent despite his frustrations with the the latter, and much to his horror, began to develop feelings for his brother-in-law. Kent didn't reciprocate at first but then Cornwall wasn't as bad as he initially thought either...

Yeah, yeah, set-up. What happened next?
The next part is where it all goes a bit crazy. My imagination sometimes gets the better of me trying to make storylines out of corruption, glitches, and random events.

As Juliette took a walk to the park to clear her head after a bad student council meeting, she fell into the pond and was rescued by Angela Pleasant, an orphaned aspiring marine biologist working as the part-time caretaker of the aforementioned pond. Although Juliette started out discussing her hatred of animals and Angela was too shy to say much of anything at first, they eventually became friends. Another accident by the pond at night, however, revealed Angela's secret - she was part Naiad, a supernatural of the sea and hunted down by human authorities, created when her mother visited an enchanted lake during her pregnancy. Still, Juliette wasn't perturbed by this discovery and somehow, that friendship developed into love and they ended up going steady. Juliette paid for Angela's university tuition and they both went off to different universities but maintained a long-distance relationship.

Tybalt and Hermia sensed something off about Angela though and Tybalt constantly argued with Juliette about it, fearing that Angela was going to take advantage of her, not that Juliette cared much for his "paranoia." He sulked off to a bar to cool his head and met Lilith, Angela's troublesome, rebellious twin - sparks flew between them. Unfortunately, Tybalt knew that Consort wouldn't approve of their relationship and he stopped seeing her before he left for university. Lilith was heartbroken though - she still had Dustin Broke and Tank Grunt but Tybalt was special (he was the only one she wanted to go steady with after all). While in university, he fell in love with the bartender, who was a secret government double agent, but they didn't marry until much later.

Hermia herself met this quiet, intimidating fellow at one of her poetry readings - downtownie Orion Tricou, whom she eventually fell in love with as well. The feeling was mutual yet she refused to go steady with him, wondering if that was what she really wanted. Nevertheless, they attended the same university and she reciprocated his want to get engaged and married. She became a lawyer while Orion rose up the ranks in the criminal world, searching for the truth about why his family was killed.

Miranda, wanting adventure in the great wide somewhere, ran away from home, much to Goneril and Albany's frustration. A side note: due to corruption, I somehow had 2 sets of the deceased Tricous running around, one still buried in Gothier Green Lawns and another alive in the House of Fallen Leaves without any connections to the Tricou teens. I chose to leave the ghosts untouched and edited the living ones, randomizing their interests, personalities, facial features, and aspirations, then playing them as the Tricous' AU counterparts - the Lavoisiers.

While I was playing the Lavoisiers, I found Miranda high up in Jennicor's relationship panel and lo and behold, Miranda came knocking at the door in the middle of the night, looking for a place to stay (all the way in SimFrance, apparently). Jennicor's niceness compelled her to say yes and Miranda ended up discovering that the Lavoisiers were vampires. After a deliberation among the family members, they decided that Miranda was allowed to stay but under strict surveillance to prevent the humans from discovering their identities. Fricorith was so nice to her, yet it was Gvaudoin who Miranda gravitated towards.

Goneril slowly fell into a depression, realizing that she had become what she hated, and broke up with Albany, wanting a fresh start and a chance to do right by her remaining children. Hal was receptive but Desdemona wasn't and as soon as Desdemona discovered that she was a witch, moved out to witch university as soon as possible. Hal later fell in love with Ashley Pitts and Brittany Upsnott's inexplicably nice daughter, Felicity Pitts-Upsnott, and they were the most stable couple in the whole neighborhood. Goneril spent the rest of her days working in the winery she built from the ground up, visiting Hal during her free time and handing him the winery when she passed on.

Cornwall and Kent carried on an affair behind Regan's back but Cornwall felt guilty about it and admitted it to Regan... who had actually known all along and just wasn't sure how to approach them about it. They had an amicable divorce and the three of them went their separate ways for a while to digest everything, but Cornwall and Kent eventually moved in and grew old together.

Then, everything changed when the anti-supernatural army faction attacked. The surviving supernaturals fled to the Otherworld, running away from the brutal massacre of the paranormals in the human realm that was conducted in secret. Some families were separated, such as Juliette and Angela, while others were nearly completely eradicated, such as the Specters, Summerdreams, and Lavoisiers. The survivors were then used in an apocalyptic challenge in a subhood of their own, trying to rebuild their society. Meanwhile, most of the humans are blissfully unaware of the horrors that have occurred in the background.

The End
Yeah, I'm sorry for that wall of convoluted text, and that's just for one of the families in VV. I'll leave it here for now but maybe I should divide the post to make it shorter?
#154 Old 15th Oct 2017 at 8:42 PM
I added Veronaville to my medieval 'hood. I added one family to the town to be the kingdom's king and queen. The Summerdream household are high ranking nobles, while the feuding families are low ranking nobles with some of the branches of their families being merchants. Between the setup (done over a couple of weeks to fix wardrobes and remodel houses to fit the time) and yesterday's play, here is the status of the town:

Oberon and Titania got married quickly, and took the name Gossamer to build a greater variety of surnames in town. Their fairy ancestry hasn't given them any special abilities, but their lives will be longer than those of most sims. Oberon's LTW was rerolled and he's in the education career track now; he's to be the sim collecting funds to build the university and is on the king's advisory council. Titania and Puck are both courtiers, with Titania being best friend of the queen. Puck had a couple of dates with Hermia and they are currently going steady. Oberon taught Puck and Bottom to study, and Puck has started writing a novel; he's got a literature hobby, and wants some skills before going to university. Titania wants a baby, and is pregnant.

Capp (Consort):
I remodeled the house so that the fireplaces were in spots that made sense to me. I also widened the narrow section by two tiles and extended the dining area by two tiles to the front. There are still three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, but there is another small room that could be a nursery or office. I got rid of 3/4 of the hedges and flattened the silly trench that they had been sitting in.
Consort surprised me by wanting better relationships with his grandkids. He also wanted skill points for work, so he took up chess and played with Tybalt and Hermia until he was at least friends with them. Tybalt autonomously was nice to Hermia a few times and they are friends, but he kept arguing with Juliet. I think he was just mad that she sneaked out with Romeo once and then had a date with him. Tybalt is off to university the next time I play that house. Juliet asked Romeo to go steady and he accepted; she's head over heels, but I'm not sure about him. The family is a matriarchy; Juliet will be inheriting the house and title unless her relationship with Consort deteriorates - I'm letting that develop autonomously for the most part.

Monty (Patrizio):
This house also got remodeled, but all I did was replace some of the arches with doors and enlarge the room at the back (with the urns) a bit to make a better sitting room. Patrizio tutored Mercutio a bit as he's also off to university soon. Romeo has decided to become an artist and has taken up painting. He rolled a couple of serial romance wants but for now seems content staying with Juliet. He did get into a fight with Tybalt, though. Mercutio is the heir here, and Romeo is glad of that as he doesn't want either the responsibility of continuing the family line or the family business. When I rerolled LTWs, Mercutio came up with marry off 6 kids, so I gave him a family secondary. If he keeps that want, and stays in the current house, the house will need remodeling again. Isabella rolled a want for 20 best friends, so I gave her a popularity secondary. It seems everyone she knows is either family or an enemy, so she'll be focusing on creating close family ties for now.

Capp (Goneril):
This family are merchants, but only Goneril seems interested in earning money right now. I plan to have them own a business, but their interests and hobbies aren't giving my much of a hint about what to do with them. They will have more kids, and their house and funds will be tight. Miranda's want to top the indigent career is likely to cause arguments with her mother, but she autonomously is quite good with her siblings. Albany loves spending time with his kids but he's also mean and they seem to irritate him - I'm not sure where the relationships are going. According to his bio, he loves his children and wants them to love each other, but they seem to do better with each other when he's not involved. While I was setting up the main neighbourhood, he got involved in fights with a couple of the Monty clan on a community lot. I moved them into one of the small Tudor houses and they have only the essential furnishings right now.

Capp (Regan):
I upgraded both Kent and Regan to have graduated university, but Cornwall never went. I plan to have Cornwall and Regan become spice merchants as well as having them in the business career track. Both want to top that career, but not having gone to university, Cornwall is unlikely to get that want. Cornwall and Kent's relationship is deteriorating, mostly because of Cornwall being argumentative. Kent and Regan are close, though. Kent has an interest in science, wants to max 7 skills, and is in the medical career. He has been moved out.

Monty (Antonio):
Antonio lacked the funds to get a house on the Monty side of the river, so the smallest house on that side of town got a handful of mortgage shrubs. Antonio then had his sister Bianca move in to help with the twins and the funds. Both adults were upgraded to have gone to university. Bianca loved playing with her niece and nephew, and taught them to study, but she really wanted to be on her own. She had a want to flirt, so invited Kent over for a date. One flirt, and she was in love and he had a crush. One kiss, and both of them rolled wants to get both engaged and married. They got engaged, and Kent rolled a want to throw a wedding party. After the date ended, I had Bianca move out. The twins were in good moods, but Beatrice really wanted a pet. They didn't have enough money to adopt an adult with any training and children can't adopt strays, so Antonio got Leroy the puppy for her. Antonio wants to become a lawyer, probably to prosecute those he sees as responsible for his wife's death. He can't afford to stop working for the family business, though, so he's hoping to be given some money by his parents. He's working on getting the relationship up - if he becomes best friends with both of them, I'll have them transfer some funds to him and let him quit the culinary career.

Bianca and Kent:
I stuck a number lot of mortgage shrubs around a house and had them move in (I play with no20khandouts). Bianca immediately looked for a job while Kent walked to work, and Bianca ended having her carpool pick her up at mid morning. I got them a wedding arch, a musical instrument/stereo, and a buffet table. When they were both home from work, Kent invited his family (teens and up) and the Summerdreams over for a wedding party while I used the cat teleporter to bring in Bianca's family and the king and queen I had made. Bianca filled the buffet table. Antonio immediately headed toward Kent with the intent of slapping him, but I diverted Kent by having Bianca introduce him to one of her relatives. The wedding ceremony itself went smoothly, aside from the queen doing the smustle in the middle of the crowd of guests. As soon as it ended, Patrizio and Consort had a brawl; I'm not sure which attacked the other. Antonio and Goneril slapped each other, and several other relatives got involved. At one point, they even positioned themselves so that they were in two lines of four, with Monty on one side and Capp on the other and all of them poking, slapping, or shoving. There were a couple of more fights among the guests. The only person who targeted the bride or groom seemed to be Cornwall; he poked his wife's brother more than he went after the Monty family. Isabella and Patrizio had a fight that ended with Patrizio on the ground; Consort seemed proud of his wife and then flirted with her. Kent introduced Bianca to a few of his less belligerent relatives, mostly the teen girls. The party ended at a good time, but it took a bit of a hit when the teens left - I forgot to put in a mod to avoid curfew.
I plan to have Kent and Bianca try to get themselves out of the feud by getting them to no longer be enemies with anyone, but with community lot visits, autonomy, and the fightclub mod that should be challenging. To symbolize their desire to be out of the feud, and possibly to end it, they have blended their last names to create a new surname: Capmon. I'd like for Bianca to become Veronaville's midwife and for Kent to be either a doctor or apothecary. Each family that attended the wedding will be sending them a gift next rotation, and it will probably money in order to clear off some of the mortgage shrubs.
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#155 Old 6th Nov 2017 at 3:11 AM
Originally Posted by Emerald123
about 3 years ago I had a veronaville where:
Tybalt and Beatrice got together and had a daughter
regan and cornwall had about 6 kids (nearly all of veronaville had kids)
benedick had kids with Desdemona and Miranda
ariel had kids with Antonio I think so did Desdemona
goneril and Albany had three more kids called Lucian and I forgot the names of the other two
benedick married regans daughter Esmerelda
Bianca and kent probably had 6 kids
romeo Juliette and puck and hermia all got married
antoni was murdered by Desdemona for ruining hers and benedicks relationship
titania and oberon left puck hermia and their twin boys Lysander and Demetrius hen they commited suicide
Tybalt was on the run after killing ariel and Beatrice
Wow! Your Veronaville is even more dysfunctional than mine!!

Me likey!
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#156 Old 6th Nov 2017 at 3:19 AM
Originally Posted by marka93
I fixed all the dead and deleted sims with @Jawusa help on the broken face template and made the "The Beginning of Veronaville" hood for all to play. http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=521868
Thanx! I downloaded, and will give it a go!
#157 Old 6th Nov 2017 at 11:11 AM
@Kunder (i'm emerald123 but i forgot my password so i had to make a new account) thanks after i learned about resetting neighborhoods i then made my simself the allmighty ruler and killed most of the people (i killed the people who actually died in the plays) but eventually the veronaville citizens claimed back there land...with murder of course!

I May Be Life Dumb But I'm Sim Smart(mostly).
cats are better than humans and shall takeover earth in a couple of centuries after they evolve.
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10th Nov 2017 at 9:16 PM
Default The Summerdreams
This message has been deleted by Sketching. Reason: Never mind. :b
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