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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
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#1 Old 2nd Nov 2017 at 2:01 PM
Default The Sims 4 Murderer Challenge
I know, I know, there's plenty of other murderer challenges, but this is just my own idea.

The idea of the challenge is to create a sim and he/she must kill at 10 victims. The extreme violence mod is recommended, but you don't need the mod to complete the challenge. The backstory of the challenge is that your sim was bullied as a child and wants to get revenge on mankind. He/She eventually realizes that not every sim is evil and that some people are kind and some are not.

  • You must have the lifespan on normal
  • Money cheats are allowed but don't go too over the top
  • You need to make some kind of prison in a basement to keep your victims in
  • Your sim can have any traits, but he/she must have the insane trait
  • The sim can have any aspiration that you desire
  • The sim must max out the charisma skill
  • The sim must max out the mischief skill
  • The sim must be a young adult
  • Your sim must start out on an empty 30x20 or 30x40 lot
  • Your sim cannot have any children(if you even want to)until all 10 victims are dead and your sim has a clean reputation

Positive points:
  • Successfully luring a victim into your prison +10
  • Becoming friends with them first +15
  • Each victim killed without anyone finding out +20
  • Never getting discovered/all deaths never found out about +40

Negative points:
  • Unsuccessfully luring a victim into your prison -10
  • For each person that finds out about the murder -10
  • Your Sim being discovered as a serial killer -50
  • Your Sim not maxing out the charisma skill -35
  • Your Sim not maxing out the mischief skill -35
  • Having a child before the 10 sims are dead -25

I hope someone ends up trying this and I wasted my time making this.
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