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Cutest Little PlumBob MTS Baby/Toddler Photo Contest for Sims 2, 3, and 4 - posted on 2nd Oct 2018 at 5:07 AM
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#1 Old 1st Oct 2017 at 8:31 PM
Default The Sims 4 Criminal Empire Challenge!
Well then.

Hello! And welcome to the Sims 4 Criminal Empire Challenge! (Long title.)
Anyway, let's start this shall we?

This challenge is based around progression and building up an empire of criminals. There will be struggles. There will be drama. And there will be... fortune.
But, this challenge will require patience, and a bit of story telling to help things smooth along.

The goal of this challenge is to own an empire/gang of criminals that are high in demand and even higher in riches.
The challenge ends when you've reached a maximum amount of simoleons that you think is enough and/or you have reached the max amount of members.

Create one single sim. This will be your main character throughout the majority of the game as you work on building the foundation to success! Depending on what kind of empire/gang you're going for, you can choose from a wide variety of looks.
You could go for...
A mobster look. Dapper suit, dapper personality.
A more grounded grungy look. You grew up on these streets, and you plan to own them.
A panda suit. Because nothing screams murder and shady people than Mr.Bamboo staring you down in an alleyway.

Whatever your look, try to keep it consistent. Have your own signature colour, or something that you and your friends can be recognized by.
Traits wise, you should pick Kleptomaniac or Romantic as these will help for a leader and all-rounder of your group.

To help immerse yourself in this challenge, I advise you to try to come up with some kind of dramatic story as to why you're here, right now, trying to own everything.
"I'm bored so I'm going to start an empire of memelords" is a tad bland. Maybe, your character just lost everything they had, or maybe they're not satisfied with everything they have, or probably they're just power hungry for dat moneyz.
I'd love to hear some of the creative ideas people come up with.

Your household of one can be placed on any lot around, provided that you're okay with them not living on that lot since they'll be staying at their nearest community lot.
After placing your sim in an empty lot, go to Manage Worlds and build a lot of any Community Venue type. You could have a bar as your hideout, or maybe just at the back alley of a nightclub.
No matter what though, it must be cheap,dirty and as shady as possible.
When it comes to the actual structure itself, you have the arrange of choices.
Here's a few examples I thought up...
An abandoned factory turned nightclub.
An old hotel where some guests walk out happier than they came in. For the wrong reasons...
A bakery where they sell black market stuff through pies.

When it comes to the rooms though, you might want to have some public area for your sims to mingle and for clients to enter.
You'll probably want bedrooms for everyone to stay in.
And a locked small room.

Go wild! Just here's a tip...
And we don't want that do we?

Here's the fun part. You're probably thinking that a Criminal Empire would raise up from petty thievery.
But, you're wrong.
Being bad isn't just about taking, it's about giving too. Of course, giving with some kind of life-ruining side effect.
You're like ghetto santa claus.
Also, I'd like to add...
Wait. Did you hear that?
That's the sound of all your money evaporating because of you having to use the funds cheat to set your cash to 0!
Just enable testing cheats and open the console and type 'Funds 0' (without quotes) and prepare to suffer.

On the side of moneymaking though...
Your organization can make profit in the following ways:
- Stealing and Selling items. (Maybe, purchase a retail lot and sell the items in some Black Market scenario.)
- Kidnapping. (Keep the Sim alive for 4 days until the Ransom Fee is paid, this can be 10000ยง if you want. Raise/lower the bar depending on your playstyle. You may only have one victim per member and that member must care for the victim ALONE.)
- Assassinations. (Talk to a random sim that visits the lot, if they mention another sim, that's them placing a hit. Take them out and you'll get a reward of 10000ยง.)
- Romantic Options. (Offer your Romantic in a compensated dating scenario. Take it as far as you want to, the date could cost 1000ยง with a woohoo costing 5000ยง)
- Bodyguards (Befriend a sim and follow them around for a day. This'll net you 5000ยง. Add more people? Raise the price.)
- Any Favors Or Ideas You Can Think Of (Get creative!)
(To add funds you could use kaching or just change the funds to the amount you'll have after a job.)
But, the thing is. This is all very hard for one person.
SO! Here comes the other part of the gameplay.

How to recruit other members:
Build up a high relationship with them. Get to know their traits. Are they useful? Do they have something you don't? Can they bring inevitable world doom?
If they answer correctly to all of these, you can add them via testingcheats. Once added, they can help take up other jobs while you may be busy with others.
The relationship requirement can be whatever you like. You may say a half-way green bar counts as new member, or a pink quarter is enough to satisfy you.

ALSO, you may purchase other lots, live at them and have more than one hideout. Although, save this till you've got 5 members or something similar.

These are some things you can attempt to do to add more PAIN and SUFFERING...
- Ever So Lonely (Did you just ignore the 'Empire' in the title? Beat the challenge without any other household members.)
- Ho-Tel (Isn't it just the Brothel Challenge now? Beat the challenge using only Romantic Jobs.)
- Mysterious Disappearances (2spooky4me. Kidnap 5 people at once.)
- 'Body Guard' ('Socialize with the client.' Reach a high romantic relationship with your Bodyguard Client.)
- Home Turf War (Dayum. Get into a fight with an ally in your squad.)
- Living In The Lap Of Lol (memes. Make the most ridiculous empire ever and post it here. )
- Make up some of your own! (I ran out of ideas.)

1. No cheats. Unless, they're used to fix bugs and/or kill. (If you don't have some kind of murder mod.)
2. No talking people into jobs. You have to wait for clients to come to you. (This does not count for kidnapping, since you select a victim.)
3. One victim per group member. The group member who kidnapped the victim, will care for the victim. (e.g You have 5 group members. You could kidnap 5 people.)
4. You may kidnap someone and do other jobs in the meantime. But, don't forget to check up on them.
5. Don't follow the rules unless you want to.

And that's that!
Tell me what you think. And I'm open to suggestions for new jobs, challenges and rules.
And I'd love to see screenshots and stories!
Thanks for reading.
Lab Assistant
#2 Old 4th Oct 2017 at 4:25 PM
This is interesting. You could go beyond this and turn it into a legacy by having children that will carry on for you and instead of adding people to the household add them to a club. Your hideout is your club base. Club meetings bring everyone together to do the worst things you can think of... Actually, that just might work. Cool Idea.
Lab Assistant
#3 Old 7th Oct 2017 at 3:31 AM
I like this, might do it :/
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