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Nysha's New Creators for March - posted on 1st Apr 2018 at 9:00 AM
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Default Username change request
I've been simming for a while, and each time I decide I want to get back into it and finally start simming again, I get busy IRL. I've also wanted to start uploading lots sometime soon, because I adore making apartments and I want to try my hand at them, but each time I get sidetracked with life before I can really playtest any. I want to try again, since I'll be settling into a more or less permanent routine soon IRL and will be able to mess with lot creation and testing like I really want, so here's my "please let me change my name to my usual/preferred name across all my creative online sites" request. rausmaus is a nickname dear to me, and I want to keep my names consistent across my creative sites. (and plain raus is taken.)

Requested name: rausmaus


Funny(ish) story: My lump of a big dog really does not prefer my simming sessions, and will get tired of me staring at my laptop screen while she hears all sorts of nonsense simlish, especially the dogs and cats. Her preferred way of showing her discontent with me ignoring her is to stare at me from the side and place her huge paws on my arm or laptop. She's sped me through chance cards a few times, resulting in my sim getting fired his first day of work because she tapped the keyboard before I could read the chance card. Whoops.
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