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Default hi, i'm dARE
hi everybody. I'm dARE.- longtime lurker and downloader until this Christmas break when i decided to try to become a creator myself. (We all know that frustration, right? - that no matter how much cool CC you find and add to your game, there's always that one little something you want that no one's uploaded yet, so you gotta figure out how to make it yourself!... Well, maybe that's not so universal, but it happened to me.)

So, anyway, I'm scouring the creation forums for info about things I'm stuck on, and joined the site so I could join in the discussions and be able to ask questions. I have a lot of objects already meshed and I'm eager to learn how to polish them up for upload to share.

Oh, I'm exclusively a Sims 2 player and wannabe creator. I bought a copy of Sims 3 about 2 1/2 years ago and made a deal with myself not to open it until I did everything I wanted to do in Sims 2. Needless to say, the Sims 3 game is still in shrink wrap in it's original Walmart bag complete with receipt.

[[Also, why can't i post in any forums yet, and why does the site insist i'm not signed in even though i've typed my name and PW many many times today?]] EDIT: nm, everything is working now. probably browser related.
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Hello! Welcome to MTS! I could never make that deal, I'm too impatient and have to try everything the moment I get it. I'll be looking forward to seeing your stuff I hope you have a nice stay ^^

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Hi Dare!

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