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Creator Theme: Space! - posted on 8th Jul 2018 at 6:02 PM
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#176 Old 7th Jun 2018 at 12:40 PM
Yeah, my Sims usually do pretty well.
I tend to make then struggle a bit (bigger bills, etc.) because I feel the vanilla game is just too easy. But my playstyle is focused on trying to make them happy (high motives, then fullfilling wants, then working towards LTW) so most of them are successful in their own way.
Some families have money problems (the Dukrarn-Walker family is certainly broke), love drama appears here and there (not much lately I think), little things happen, but overall they are all happy with their lives.

My relationship with CC works the other way.
I hesitate a lot before I add something, and usually fills some gap that needs to be filled, so I've never actually had a lot.
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#177 Old 9th Jun 2018 at 9:27 PM
Default Rotation #09d
For some reason I can't log into modyourpanties.com so I'm attaching the pics to this post and hoping it works.

Lately I always start my rotations with the college students, so those who graduate can be moved directly into the main hood.
The one who graduated in this rotation was Disarp White-Entayta, and he rented an apartment right away.

He was engaged to Regina Sell (a very unpopular townie) and he decided that there was no reason to wait anymore, so they got married asap.
She grew up into adulthood as well and they had a little nice wedding party - all his family was invited.

I'm hoping for their happiness and for lots of little green babies

Trod and Cassius are still in college, doing fairly well, and they took in two new roommates: Jonas (Cassius' brother) and Lucy.
Jonas is still adapting to college life, but Lucy is already in flirt mode - lots of guys to meet and date

In the meantime, Lucy's mother decided to move on.
After Steve's death she was in no hurry to get into another serious relationship, but now that Lucy is not around anymore she's feeling a bit lonely. She has been involved with their roommate Blair, and, well, she decided that maybe it was time to propose.

More about marriages!
Eleanor Walker finally moved out of the crappy apartment and rented a really great one, slightly luxurious and expensive for her income. But, of course, she had in mind marrying Quentin and hoping for him to bring some money.

Her family was invited to the party and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards Eleanor decided to have her own private party and go out for dinner with some (male) friends. That's the way she is.
In the meantime Quentin almost dies! *gasp*

Wasn't that enough? Well, whenever she got the chance to sneak out (while I was playing other households I mean) she dated other men. Married men. Such as Derrick Lowe or Christopher Walton.
That's married life for Eleanor!

Not the only flirty one who got married in this rotation. Vilma Zadra-Atkins was pregnant and had twins. Twins! (Both human-looking btw.)
That was too much hassle for her. Ok, expecting a baby was already a lot on her plate, but two...
So she proposed to their father, Derek Wilsonoff, and got married right away. Yes, that was fast, very fast, and no party was involved and family was not invited... but there was no time, and so many diapers to change!

And that's all about marriages. Let's talk now about business.
Arvian Zadra (Vilma's father btw) bought a little shop in town so he could sell pottery he crafts.

Most of the user-run businesses are those that came with the maxis subhood.
The Martinez family had a great running business and got a good review, but their employee strongly disagreed and quit.

Despite quitting, the very same employee offered discounts to the Tinker family (who btw have a crappy business and they are considering to make radical changes).

Back to the main hood, where pretty much everything happens.
Did I mention that Quentin (Eleanor's husband) lived in the Heritage Manor - run by her brother?
Well, now that he left a new resident moved in. And who is that? Neil, Eleanor's former roommate who has a crush on her! This is an small world.

Love is in the air, everywhere you look around. Or so they say.
Vrodde Entayta-Gorge seems to be very interested in Jappung Daeli-Jobs. He's also a very good friend of Celeste Mace, and you never know when friendship becomes something else...

Celeste is quite the flirty type, and she's already involved with Innah Dukrarn-Walker (quite a rude guy, if you don't mind me saying so, but Celeste knows how to handle him).

Btw Innah's brother Sannhim has grown up - now a teen - and seems to be quite a family guy, already taking care (autonomosly) of his little sister Lena who also grew up - now a toddler.

And now onto the bad news.
Alon Raymond (Laern's husband) endured a terrible day, taking care of the twins with the help of his mother-in-law Haern. At the end of the day his motives were quite low.
His late father-in-law (whom he never actually met in life) kept visiting and scaring the hell out of him all the night long. Again and again.
He reached the desperation status, at which point he would not eat even if food was right in front of him, he would not sleep even if in bed... and eventually he died.
Which leaves Laern a widow...

Alon's death was the most tragic one but not the only one. Lorna Mayhew finished her time - but she lived a full and quite happy life.
I'm wondering what will her husband Vaklin do without her. Find another love and remarry? Move with her daughter Klaav?

Also the Freeman's dog died too. This has way less implications, but I took a pic too.

I'll finish with some random pics.
One is Martha Smithers, who met some supernaturals (vampire, a witch behind) and the first topic she thinks about is... fried eggs?

Also some kids playing, which was cute

Also I've decided to tweak a bit my personal challenge, hehe.
I've twonified a funky colored skintone (the dark pink here) and I'll be discounting 100 points per townie generated this way.
Since I have 200+ points I guess I'll remove it from my folders as soon as 2 pinkish townies are generated - I'll check at the end of the rotation.
Let's see what happens!
#178 Old 10th Jun 2018 at 7:32 AM
[QUOTE=Amura]For some reason I can't log into modyourpanties.com so I'm attaching the pics to this post and hoping it works.

@Amura Hi Hi.

MYP is just up to serve the pictures that were already uploaded. The Server that used to support MYP died a horrible death and the database of pictures was re-uploaded, but the login and uploading of pictures is no longer supported. It is not certain when or whether that feature will return.

I love your pictures and the story that goes with each of your Sims.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#179 Old 10th Jun 2018 at 11:33 AM
Oh, I had no idea. Bad news.
It was a great service, I'm sure I'll miss it if it does not return, but I understand that it must be hard to mantain.
#180 Old 10th Jun 2018 at 12:19 PM
I like to follow on your sims lives
Even with my horrible memory

I build small houses *^*
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#181 Old 14th Jun 2018 at 8:54 PM Last edited by Amura : 11th Jul 2018 at 2:24 PM.
Thank you, Onaya.
I have a hard time keeping up myself - so I'm amazed that you get to follow my stories at all :D

Btw I think I mentioned I townified a funky skintone. Well, now I have a pink college professor xD
I'm attaching a picture, hehe.

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#182 Old 28th Jun 2018 at 9:26 PM
Default Rotation #09e
Four new college students in this rotation!
Herbie Mace, Pekkung & Jappung Daeli-Jobs and Aryana Baker moved into a house - identical to another one already inhabited by students. (Pekkung got new clothes right away because wearing athletic clothing all day long did not seem fit.)
They all get along very well and in fact there is already something going own between Herbie and Jappung
Aryana is quite a flirt and she hit on a professor but she's open to any other relationships as well

What about their neighbours?
There's also love in between the walls of the other house, Lucy Palmer and Cassius Freeman are getting serious, and Cassius' brother Jonas has been dating the former newspaper-girl Claire Kauker.
With so much dating one would think that they don't have much time to study... and indeed Trod Entayta-Gorge failed his last semester

Btw I'm attaching pictures below, and including one of the dorm all the former townies move into. They always end up inviting some friends and the place looks like a perpetual party
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#183 Old 28th Jun 2018 at 9:58 PM
Back to the main hood.

Eleanor Walker aged and now she's a gorgeous elder. She's getting along with her husband Quentin, and it seems like they are quite happy together after all.

I usually accept to grow up those townies/NPCs who are friends of my Sims, and Eleanor shared her birthday with some - including Blair Adams.
Blair was engaged to Tina Palmer (Lucy's mother) and they just got married in a very private ceremony to which only Lucy was invited.

And another gorgeous elder: Pdri Entayta. (She'll probably get some new clothes soon, that outfit does not look like her at all.)

I loved Melania Smithers' grewing up exactly at the same time her father Donte arrived home, and running to hug him as she would do as a little girl. (She later got a new hairstyle, see both pics.)
Also Naia Dukrarn-Walker is a child now, and in a house full of children there are so many things going on, for example her brother Sannhim got kissed for the first time (the pic is hard to see cause it was at night, in the street, but the girl is a townie).

Vaklin Gorge asked her daugher Klaav to move in with him, because his house is too big and he's quite lonely.
Of course Klaav's husband and their children Lack and Leopold moved in too. Actually Vaklin has some... well... hardly appropiate conversations with his granddaughter
Klaav felt that inheriting the house was much more than fair, so she decided that her half brother Ray ought to keep the cash.
Ray welcomes it because he's working hard with his wife Vivian to save up as much as they can in order to buy their own house. I wonder what would happen if he ever found out that she's cheating him with Derrick Lowe, her own sister's husband!

Btw Derrick's wife Rivia was present when their other sister Vilma fell in love with Prof. Christopher Walton (they had flirted before, but this time the whole thing was autonomous).
This is definitely a big ball of fire, because Vilma is married (to another professor) and Christopher is too (to Prid) and both couples live in the same apartment building, so it's very very easy that they automously get in trouble
And also Vilma's twins (and only reason she married Prof. Derek Wilsonoff) celebrated their birthday and now they are toddlers. Betty and Pete are their names.

I mentioned that Vaklin had his family move in, but that meant the bigfoot was left alone.
He has a great job so that's no big deal, but he seems quite interested in social life. And he's quite clumsy at that, I mean, talking about fried eggs in the hot tube?

And just to finish the main hood, I gotta say that some ghosts have been quite active.
Neil Durant keeps roaming the house even after his son-in-law unfortunate death, and frightens his daughter frequently.
So did Cynthia Freeman's good old dog.
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#184 Old 28th Jun 2018 at 10:06 PM
And last the Bluewater Village.

First, Malcom Landgraab.
He bought a fancy new car, he visited his businesses, he flirted with some costumers... and got involved with Laern Durant-Dukrarn!!!
(It would be great to mix up both the main hood and this one, so I'm hoping they get serious )

Then, some people hiring employees.
Checo Ramirez needed some help because his previous employed quit and he can't run the furniture store on his own.
And Florence Delarosa also wanted to hire someone because she also has a full time job and she can only spend a fraction of her time in the flower shop. Her choice was Blair Adams (married to Tina in the main hood) who previously had a default crappy elder job.

And finally Wanda Tinker gave birth to baby Leopold.
Neither her or Stephen are employed elsewhere, and the toys shop was not working well, so they decided to ask for a loan and convert it into some sort of leisure park and hoping that it's worth the investment...
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#185 Old 11th Jul 2018 at 3:02 PM
Default Rotation #09f
OK, again I'm telling the story a subhood a time so I can easily attach pictures.

First one: University.

Vrodde Entayta-Gorge is moving into the same house as his brother Trod, who btw graduated in this very same rotation and will be moving into the main hood. (Trod got too funky clothes, I'm afraid he'll need a makeover soon enough.)
Vrodde found friends there easy enough, and he already got some time for romance! He got involved with Aryana Baker and they got serious really quickly
She's not a on-guy type of girl, so she's still flirting - and something else - with other guys. For example one of the college professors. Ouch.

On the other hand, Cassius Freeman and Lucy Palmer are giving a very important step - they are now engaged!
It seems like Cassius spent too much time with her and too little with his books, and he's on probation now - hopefully he'll manage better in the next semester!

And yet another love story begins.
Herbie Mace seems quite interested in former townie Opal, and since he's rather formal it seems likely that this relation will have some future. We'll see!
#186 Old 12th Jul 2018 at 2:33 PM

Good Updates. I always enjoying seeing what has been happening in your Neighborhood. You are the only other that I know of with Aliens like me.

sorry that I have not been commenting on your posts lately, not been looking at this group lately. I expect that I will be back to posting some time, but not sure when.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#187 Old 12th Jul 2018 at 2:56 PM
Thank you
I haven't been checking MTS often either. In fact I'm hardly playing, because life is kinda crazy right now.
In fact these pictures had been sitting in my Fraps folder for I while, I'm currently checking the ones of the main hood and I may post them soon.
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#188 Old 12th Jul 2018 at 3:36 PM Last edited by Amura : 14th Jul 2018 at 8:10 AM.
Default Rotation #09f - Main hood
OK, main hood this time.

Trod graduated and moved into the main hood, where he rented an apartment. Eleanor Walker and her husband Quentin Corsillo are his neighbours.
He had some ill-fitting clothes so he got his most elegant outfit when he invited Priss over - he wanted to propose! (She said yes btw.)
Only afterwards he went shopping and got himself some new clothes. Shiny un-fashionable new clothes, just the way Trod likes them.

Now that I mention his neighbours, Quentin actially died (of old age) in this rotation.
Eleanor seemed quite shocked, although I suspect she's gonna forget him soon enough. She did not seem too distressed in Holden's arms

Not the only death of old age.
Carol Jobs died too. On the very same day her gradchild James became a teenager. If that was not enough, her husband J'Sapp died too.
They were not so close in life as they were in death!

Enough of death, let's move on to the opposite: births!
Arvian Zadra-Atkins and his wife Kay had twins (Zack has alien skin, and Carl looks completely human).
Disarp White-Entayta and his wife Regina had a baby boy too (Dirk is the name, green is the skin).
Disarp's sister Prid Walton also had a baby boy (Felix).
Hey, someone should be having girls or we'll have a problem here

Talking about children and problems, Vilkaa invited her son Kliive to move in with her.
He was having financial problems and she was starting to feel a bit lonely now that all her children flew the nest... and this was quite a good solution for both.

Loneliness was the reason why Vaklin's daughter Klaav and her family moved in with him in the previous rotation and they seem to be doing very well.
Vaklin spends a lot of time with his granddaughter Lack - and probably now that Leon is a child he will spend a lot of time with him too.

This family moving in with grandpa Vaklin meant that the Bigfoot that used to live with them was left behind and now lived on his own.
He also had to quit his job (I'm recently assumed a rule that only 1 Sim per hood may have each of the Level 10 jobs) and he's trying to find a new purpose for his life.
For starters he decided to sell everything he did not need (funny to see Christian in the yard sale) and also invited his friend Dagmar (townie) to move in with him.
He's planning to live in some sort of community where he can share and learn and enjoy his newly-discovered social life.

More birthdays:
Neil & Liam Raymond grew up into children... quite weirdly. Their black hair suddenly became blonde Oh, well, I'm assuming it's because they are aliens
Crystal Baker is an elder, her husband Cyril already was.
Charles Walker (running the Heritage Manor) is an elder too.

Btw Charles just hired Melania Smithers to work in the Heritage Manor, just to help a bit.
Melania is also recently involved with Innah Dukrarn-Walker, Charles' nephew. Isn't it all a coincidence?

I have pics of some of other romance going on, such as Celeste Mace with some townie whose name I don't remember, and same Derrick Lowe with one woman or another.

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#189 Old 12th Jul 2018 at 4:25 PM
And last, the shopping district, which is also the one which has less story to tell.
Pretty much all that happened was routing.

The Tinkers are having a rough time getting their business started, despite the change of direction - an early bad review hurted so much.
Stephen just got a job in the Law force - as he wanted - while Wanda attends the home business and baby Leopold, who became a toddler.
She wants to have a large family, I'm not sure they'll manage to cover the expenses.

Gilbert Jacquet also decided to get a job, he does not seem so interested in following the family path and keeping the bakery.
He'd rather spend his time flirting, this time with a different girl.

Those are the two pics I too, the rest was quite a lot of routine.
Checo Ramirez spent the day at his furniture business, his wife at home (skilling and trying to find her dream job, unsucessfully so far) and their children at school.
Florence Delarosa got a job; opens the flower business whenever she's at home. I think she might be the kind of girl who would like to have alien friends, but her acquitances did not go very far yet.
Malcom Landgraab was at his electronic store, although he's got two properties he no longer has much cash - all spent on bills. I still hope he gets serious with Laern, but no moves in that sense yet.
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#190 Old 15th Jul 2018 at 11:53 AM
Default Rotation #09g
I started another rotation.
Since lately I'm posting a subhood at a time, I guess it's fine to post right after it's played - although I haven't finished the whole rotation.

So.... University!
In this rotation we have 4 new college students, who decided to move into the two houses.

Twins Celeste and Brody Mace moved in the same house as their brother Herbie, Aryana Baker, and also the alien twins Jappung and Pekkung Daeli-Jobs.
They all seem to get along fairly well.

Herbie got news - he proposed to former townie Opal and they plan to marry as soon as he graduates.
(I failed to get a pic of the moment, I caught them right after.)

On the other hand Aryana is so NOT into engagement.
In this ocassion she romanced a professor, a townie student named Desmond, and also Vrodde Entayta-Gorge.
Btw while going out at night with Vrodde they happened to meet a vampire. College life is amazing, isn't it?

Vrodde lives in the other (playable) students house.
The new students in that house are Jess Walker and Tristam Freeman. Tristam join his brothers Cassius and Jonas (Cassius graduated in this very same rotation) and Cassius' fiancé Lucy Palmer.

There used to be 1 dorm for former townies, but I finally added another batch of teen townies to another dorm.
Because I like them to grow up with my playables, even if not in sync. No pics though.
#191 Old 15th Jul 2018 at 1:03 PM
I love to read a little along as usual VwV
seems everything goes fine
I wish I knew more teen townies than two xD

I build small houses *^*
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#192 Old 18th Jul 2018 at 1:29 PM
You don't have many teen townies... or do your playable teens not socialize with them?

I use the notownieregen mods, so I tend to have few townies in general. Teens are mostly cashiers in community lots.
And I age them up - well, actually I move them into a dorm and eventually into the main hood, but I kind of neglect paying attention to their needs and wants - so I never have many.
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#193 Old Yesterday at 9:35 PM
Default Main hood
There was some drama in the main hood - and I love it
Let's dive into it.

So Eleanor Walker is now a widow. She's been seeing some men since Quentin died - right after he died actually - and in this rotation she dated a college professor. Everything was quite as normal.
Later her neighbour Trod Entayta-Gorge threw a wedding party, and since he was marrying Priss White-Entayta both of her families were invited.
One of the guests was Prid Walton (her sister, whom she never got along with) and her husband Prof. Walton. He's one of Eleanor Walker's lovers, they met in the garden... and, oh, well, I'm afraid Prid did not take it too well.
The party was a sucess anyway - I guess since they were invited only for the sake of being family, the bride did not care much about their problems

Later at the Waltons home, Prid was really really mad.
And she would not accept such a behaviour, specially not in front of her family, and very specially not at the wedding of her damn sister. Not making a fool of her that way.
So she kicked him out.
That means she's on her own to raise little Felix - although the father agreed to pay for child support.
Actually it was Felix birthday and Prid decided not to trow a party. Too many parties lately for her taste.

So Christopher Walton feels like a bachelor again, enjoying his leisure time, going places and playing cards.
He rented an apartment right by Disarp White-Entayta (yes! Prid's brother) and family. Funny coincende, huh?
Well, maybe not so funny for them. Because he is fostering some resentment to Prid he paid it with her brother, and used his influence to begin a fight between Disarp and his wife Regina.
Disarp and Regina had been doing well so far, their little baby Dirk is now a toddler, but I don't know if Christopher's evil influence will be the seed of future problems between them...

More fighting!
Haern Dukrarn and Trod Entayta-Gorge were fighting for unknown reasons (while I played Eleanor).
So much about Trod today, huh?

And more birthdays too!
Carl and Zack Zadra-Atkins (children of Arvian and Kay) are toddlers too.
Also two birthdays in the Dukrarn-Walker family: Lena became a child, and Ann became a teen. Btw Ann got gothic clothes so I gave her a matching makeover, and I think she is extremely beautiful. Mom is nothing out of the ordinary and dad has quite hard features, so all her siblings are in no beauty pageant but for some unexpected coincidence her face looks alien but attractive.
Their cousin Lack Walker also grew into a teen. Lack has a younger brother Leon, and now Klaav is expecting another baby!

So now into the little everyday-life stories.

I still think that twins Liam and Neil Raymond are so weird because their hair changed from black to blonde. I think they are more even more alien than they look - and I still gotta find an explanation/story for that weird epigenetic event.

Another of the Dukrarn-Walker kids, Rannh, got involved with Melania Smithers and they seem to enjoy each other company quite frequently. They are cute together.

Vivian Mayhew got to the top of her career as is now a business tycoon.
Maybe for that reason her husband Ray decided to invest some money an buy a little clothes store - and Vivian herself decided to give it a run for the first time.

They are not the only ones who bought a business in this rotation: the Daeli-Jobs family also opened an store to sell all the pottery late J'Sapp created, and J'Kepp herself run it - hoping to also get rid of so much clutter that was lying around at home.

And that was it
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