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MTS Movie Night #3 - posted on 20th Oct 2017 at 10:54 PM
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#2701 Old Yesterday at 7:08 AM
Hey guys, I haven't posted in aaaages. I abandoned MTS for DA and went to drawing 100% of the time instead of Simming X_X but I hit a rough patch and art requires too much emotional investment, so back to Sims we go. Tbh I spent a day and a half just downloading CC?? Worth it though. Had my first accidental Sim death after 2k+ hours of Sims 3. I had a goal for this girl too, I spent so long creating her. I wanted her to have twin aliens babies but unfortunately I forgot I installed that super crazy fire mod and directed her to burn some leaves in the yard... RIP. Forgot to take pics because I was too busy recording it on SnapChat omf. Then I switched over to another couple but all they do is stay inside and mix drinks. Super bored of them already. I really wanna start up another Strangetown file but I spent sO long editing all the townies how I liked the first time around and then never made of copy of that save file. New computer so all my old files are gone. But seriously, TS3 Strangetown is the most fun I've ever had in any Sim game I think. My aesthetic mah dudes.
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#2702 Old Yesterday at 8:24 PM
I have never played legacies, but now decided to give it a try. I have created the founder (but still not satisfied with her, and want to make some tweaks), and am in the process of preparing the world. I am going to play this challenge in the populated version of Saaqartoq by Nilxis, because it is not huge, has quite dense population, and doesn't look too modern, if I disable cars with the help of NRaas Go Here mod and make a couple of changes here and there. I am rebuilding community lots because the first five generations of my legacy are supposed to live in the 1850s - 1950s, so, no computers (the one by Luna, which looks like ancient book, will be allowed for writing only). Also, no TVs, and no stereos for my sims for now (the one that comes with Supernatural EP will be allowed for earlier generations, though - it looks very old, I guess something like this was already in use in the early 1900s). Also, I need to change the townies' clothes - it is contemporary, but I am aiming for something that at least vaguely reminds me of the 19th century, though it is impossible to do appropriately without CC, and I am not using CC (with very few exceptions) because I am working in CAW now, and EIG is likely to crash if a lot of CC is installed.
Meanwhile, I am creating a world in CAW, and, damn, why have I placed such huge lots for future community buildings, i have to change that, because, apparently, sizes like 20/30 and 25/35 are usually enough for lots with no RHs on them. I had to play in worlds with smaller lots, and to rebuild a couple of these lots to realize this; now i have to make changes in my own WIP world.
#2703 Old Today at 1:49 AM Last edited by Eronel : Today at 2:38 AM. Reason: (20 years old and I still don't know my rights from lefts)
Spent all day revamping Strangetown. Before and Afters, In order from left to right, Kristen Loste, Lola Curious, Chloe Curious, Erin Beaker, Nervous Subject, Tristan Legend, Penelope Redd, Ophelia Nigmos, PT#9, Ara Fusilli, Ajay Loner and finally, Bella Goth, who totally looked like a lot lizard beforehand.

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#2704 Old Today at 2:25 AM
You've done an excellent job on all of them, but particularly PT#9. And Bella - wow!!!

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#2705 Old Today at 3:25 AM
Thank you~ I was super surprised a how close I got the PolliTech to his TS2 self, quite happy with that one. I only just started playing the game and Nervous Subject and Pascal have been hitting it off. I even caught Nervous snuggling baby Tycho, so cute <3 I ship Lazlo and Bella but I haven't seen her around town yet. Might just have to move her into the Espiritu Estate so I can get things rolling. And since this is Strangetown I upped the change of alien abduction and pregnancy, but I think I set it a little too high because the first night, Dusty Hogg got abducted and is now carrying a child. He lives in a trailer with his mother that has no bedrooms, so I have no idea what to do with the baby just yet. I think once he has it he'll pass it on to Pascal so Tycho can have a little brother or sister. That or Dusty will have the baby and he'll just teach it about motorcycles or something lol.
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#2706 Old Today at 7:36 AM
Was playing aorudnwith muh arcade building/motel... then the game crashed.

I am annoyed at "progress" lost.
#2707 Old Today at 3:26 PM
I love the Strangetown edits. I downloaded the world myself and its too big for me so I'm gonna move the lots I want to another world but overall I love it.
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