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Nysha's New Creators for November - posted on 1st Dec 2017 at 10:00 AM
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Test Subject
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Originally Posted by owl_face
This has only happened to me once. My sim was getting married, and she invited her fiance to the wedding party since they didn't live together. The wedding started at 7:00PM, but everyone, save her fiance (Christopher Steel), showed up at 6:00 PM--even some party crashers. Her dumbass husband didn't show up until 10:00PM. I was aggravated both by the early birds and by Chris. >:c

Sounds like my RL dad! Which lends evidence to my hypothesis that we're all Sims running on God's computer. He must be facepalming constantly at humanity!

Another aggravation: I'm running a Supernatural legacy, which means I have to be extra selective about mates. But my sims all somehow flunked Flirting 101. My founder, who is a witch, ended up basically raping her baby-daddy. Her son, a werewolf with the Loner trait, had to take a DNA sample of his crush in order to clone his daughter. She's a fairy, and if she doesn't manage to somehow hook up with a vampire, I'll have her plant a Forbidden Fruit seed I have saved aside for just such an emergency.
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