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2018 Calendar Contest Winners - posted on 10th Jan 2018 at 5:38 PM
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Mad Poster
Original Poster
#51 Old 1st Oct 2017 at 2:30 PM
I would have stopped playing this game a long time ago if I only had the base game content and the default CASt presets.

Look out for Bridgeport '88 - it's the hottest new show on YT this season!
Already renewed for '89!

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Test Subject
#52 Old 1st Oct 2017 at 3:11 PM Last edited by kusurusu : 5th Oct 2017 at 1:09 PM.
Other Sims may wear anything they want from all packs (except KPST) but with Rosetta I'm trying to keep the upload file as small as possible (that's also the reason why her face looks like this) and she never wore customized clothing again since I discovered how much you can save by using defaults. For a long time she even had just one outfit (empire sundress) and everything else was randomized.

Ultimate Superskilled Sim (aka Rosetta Stone)
100 Skills, 100 LTRs, 50 completed Careers
... and much more (~40kB)
Top Secret Researcher
#53 Old 1st Oct 2017 at 10:17 PM
One of my sims is a queen of an almost-extinct race of genies\demigods that governs the multiverse. Thus she wears an headdress and lots of jewelry. It is quite warm on the Fovix-Nyaat's homeworld (custom world Candyfornia. But in the story of my multiverse is just Fovix-Nyaat homeworld.) so she is just wearing an airy, fancy dress.

Her name is Caerphag. Well in-game she is Queen Caerphag Fovix-Nyaat.

And soon, you will see my interpretation of the Appaloosa Plains Bedlingtons.
Top Secret Researcher
#54 Old 2nd Oct 2017 at 2:37 PM
Bertram Bedlington originally had a victorian hunting tweed getup that was very unflattering on him and did'nt really match what an outdoorsy young man that composes children's music should dress like. I guess it could work in Roaring Heights or Dragon Valley or Midnight Hollow but not in Appaloosa Plains. So, I went for a modern-ish retro-steampunk style. He ended up looking like a bit of an hipster instead, which I guess he kinda is. Also because of his tweed getup, the game crashed each time I opened his household. Also I realized I might be starting to feel a... unhealthy addiction to him, so I closed the game (well actually it crashed by itself. So it might be AP that does it and not just Bertram Bedlington.) and now am downloading Storybrook County.

Anyway, this is Bertram Bedlington after his makeover. Well his name is Bertram Kenneth Bedlington. (Actually I put the town's initials at the end so it's Bertram Kenneth Bedlington AP)

Top Secret Researcher
#55 Old 3rd Oct 2017 at 7:22 AM
This is Galaveras Science, she's a nerdy dork who will max the logic and science skill, hence the nerdy, University-like clothes.
Field Researcher
#56 Old 3rd Oct 2017 at 3:05 PM
It depends on the character I'm trying to portay. But usually I stick with neutral,comfortable,down to earth sort of clothing type.
Test Subject
#57 Old 22nd Oct 2017 at 10:00 PM
It depends on several factors:
1) What time is the character living in? My legacy founder will be living in the 1850s, and, of course, will be poor, so I picked some peasant-looking outfits for her, with low hemlines, of course. The fabrics look somewhat worn and faded.
2) The sim's favorite color. They get positive moodlets from being in a room decorated with their favorite color, but not from clothes, unfortunately; however, it is much harder to use those bold, saturated colors for most interiors; they often look better on clothes. It doesn't mean that all clothes should be in one color, especially if their favorite color is something really bold, like hot pink or lime. However, on a swimsuit or a t-shirt they usually look fine.
3) The sim's traits, occupations, LTWs, and interests. I don't like shallow stereotypes, such as putting glasses on all sims with Genius or Nerdy traits, or dressing all Flirty females in miniskirts; however, sometimes it is not about stereotypes, but about common sense. For example, if a sim Loves Outdoors and spends a lot of time gardening, he or she needs something practical and "outdoorsy" as their everyday outfit; if a sim is poor, and has no traits like Snob or Diva, no need to give them outfits that look really expensive (the only exception can be formalwear)
4) I don't like high heels (wedges are fine, unless they are really high), most of my sim girls have practical footwear that doesn't look like it could kill their legs. Again, a pair of high-heeled shoes to go with a formal dress are ok for some sims, but that's it.
5) I have a pet peeve about non-simlish writings in my game. I don't download clothes with something written in English on them, especially if the writing is very large and noticeable - only Simlish for the sim world. This is why I also don't use some Diesel SP items.
6) I am not a big fan of too "girly" clothes.
Top Secret Researcher
#58 Old 30th Oct 2017 at 11:04 PM
Times changed and I don't tend to care about the fave color or actual in-game traits of the sim. I just tend to use whatever I have around and what fit my sim's aestethic. (I pretty much only play berry sweet shannified sims) For example:

Her name is Taffy Spruceberry Pyon and originally she use to look completely different.

Taffy Spruceberry Pyon's original no-CC appearance, where her name was just Taffy (first name) Pyon (last name).

Yes my makeovers are very extensive, much unlike how they were once upon a time Just wait until Cheeezeysims see how my Boyd\Susan\Cycl0n3\Blair will go
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