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Originally Posted by venusking
I've seen it too. I think it means fear of being awoken (or maybe just annoyed) by noisy neighbor (in apartments).

That would make sense, as she had gotten complained to earlier/the night before by a neighbor about the noise her party was making. What's funny is that I've played a fair amount with apartments and had numerous sims get woken up by noisy neighbors and don't recall seeing it. I've rarely, though, had neighbors come over to complain about the noise my own sim was making, so I wonder if that is the trigger instead.
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Originally Posted by BeckyBoo8
No surprise, but wow Sims 2, I've missed you.
Hi Becky! Welcome back! We've missed you here on MTS too. It was good to see your cheery avatar with the kid on the rocking horse again. (I liked your previous avatar too.) It's always good to see old faces (or avatars) return.

I recall you as a frequent poster a few years ago, when you were one of our younger members. Well, whether we like it or not. we're all a bit older now. (Except for my Sims that is -- thanks to my aging-off playstyle most of my long- serving Sims are the same age as they were back in 2012 when I started to play. Only little Hans has aged up -- from a toddler to a child.)

I'm undoubtedly one of the older Simmers here -- I was the wrong side of 60 when I bought my game. I already knew about CC clothes because I'd seen them when doing Google searches for Real Life stuff, so I joined MTS only a few days after I started to play. The Sims 2 surpassed all my expectations. I bought the game (Double Deluxe) in the hope of having a little fun with it. I discovered I had bought a truly convincing lifelike life-simulation game. I realised that my Sims had complex, multi-faceted personalities, and I quickly began to care really quite deeply for them. Now I'd find it hard to imagine a future for myself without my Sims -- I love them so much!

One thing The Sims 2 has done, that I thought was impossible, was top get me really hooked on a computer game. The Sims 2 is really my only computer game. I have played trivial freebies like Minesweeper and Solitaire, but without any real interest. I felt they were just wasting my time. No game sustained my interest for any length of time, and if anything I was something of an anti-gamer. That was until I met my Sims. They changed everything! When I wasn't playing, I was invariably thinking about them and longing to get back to them to share in their lives and adventures.

Anyway I'm very glad to see you back. I'm looking forward to reading your posts about your game. And I wish you many hours years of happy Simming!

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Originally Posted by SneakyWingPhoenix

Nice work! Yup, that about looks like what I saw! I must have mistook the lines for bolts.
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Just happened to find this on the wiki while reading about Jodie Larson:
Strangely, if she is extracted with SimPE to Body Shop and the player switches her gender to male using Body Shop or Create a Sim, she will have faint stubble like Jason, implying that she was created in Create a Sim, and that her gender was switched to male at some point before her creation was confirmed.

I wonder if they were going to be male twins, or possibly (because Jason has very subtle make-up on) they switched Jodie and Jason around last minute for some reason.

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I've discovered that it is not a good idea to have a default replacement for the children's private school uniform but not the teen's one. I have a mod so everyone wears the uniforms, and it was time (two weeks ago,ahem) to change the kids into their summer uniforms, but the teens ended up with the kids' texture on the teen mesh, which...does not fit. Thankfully I was able to not only find the creator of the kids' DR, but also the matching set for teens.

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I just found out that Sims can have the fear of cleaning up. It's the first time, I've seen that fear. I think it happens to very sloppy Sims, which is why I discovered it just recently.
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Today I saw the want for spying on the neighbours for the first time. Sarah Love (7/2/5/5/6, Family/Pleasure) was on a date on a lot where there is an expensive telescope in the front yard. She rolled two wants with the telescope icon. Confused, I hovered over them; one was the usual want to look into the sky and the other one was to spy on the neighbours. :D

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I found out that the Registrar of any college will automatically assign a major to those who are still undecided on their major by the end of their sophomore year.
The Tinsel Town YA's are in dire need of this feature because they're unused to actually, (like never) working for a living-let alone making decisions.

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If you have Bon Voyage, you may have been annoyed by the fact that lot imposters and some neighborhood deco items have daytime lighting even at night. I recently played a beach lot in Twikii Island for the first time since installing Nopke's default replacement skies and discovered a possible reason for it. If you've ever played a beach lot at night, you may have noticed that the water at night has very light reflections. I guess Maxis wanted it to look like it was romantically moonlit or something. It turns out that Maxis got this effect by having the ocean reflect the daytime sky at night. I never would have noticed this without Nopke's cloudy daytime sky in my game. Anyway, I don't know much about this stuff, but maybe this has something to do with the reason the lot imposters and some of the trees have daytime lighting at night?
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