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My current sims family, a 60's human AU version of Elvira's family.

The brunette woman in the yellow cherry print dress and yellow rubber gloves holding the black-haired toddler in the middle is the family matriarch, Elvira Rhodivich. She is a wealthy housewife, as well as a hippie and member of the Church of Satan who greatly believes in the "free love" movement, married to one man, the borderline mentally handicapped, insane, deformed, and crippled due to centuries of inbreeding heir to the Austrian former royal family, the Hapsburg's, fortune, Carlos Von Hapsburg, while also living with her 3 extramarital lovers, Daniel "Dandy" Mott, heir to the wealthy Florida-born Mott family's fortune and the CEO of the Mott Frozen Food Corporation, Brahms Heelshire, a beatnik and heir to the wealthy British Heelshire family's fortune, and Benjamin "Ben" "Kylo Ren" Solo, another beatnik and heir to the wealthy and powerful French-born Skywalker-Organa-Solo family's fortune, whom were the inspiration for the Star Wars sci fi movies (which exist earlier than they actually did in this AU), both of whom work under Dandy at his corporation, while Carlos is unable to work due to his disabilities and stays home with Elvira. She met her husband and lovers 10 years prior when she, formerly employed as a nanny and personal care aide, got a job working at a mental asylum caring for them, whom are all convicted murderers, when she was 21, Ben 30, Carlos 39, Brahms 28, and Dandy 23. A year later, she married Carlos and the other 3 moved in with them to Dandy's late mother's (he killed her) mansion in Jupiter, Florida. They hired an African American woman, Scarlett Smith, as a housekeeper and nanny for their future children, like many middle-to-upper-class households in the 50's and 60's. Between the next 8 years after she married Carlos and moved in with the rest, she gave birth to 7 children, with Brahms, 8-year-old Brahms Heelshire, Jr, (seated on the couch on the right with his father standing behind the couch) and 6-year-old Damien Lucius Rhodivich, (on the right at the end next to his brother) with Carlos, after years of being told he was impotent, 3-year-old twins Carlos Von Hapsburg, Jr and Jose Von Hapsburg, (Carlos Jr is on his father's shoulders and Jose is being held by Scarlett), with Dandy, 4-year-old Jimmothy "Jim" Mott, (on the far left on the couch, between Carlos standing and Ben), and her only daughter (so far), 2-year-old Mara Mott, (dancing with her father Dandy in the middle), and with Ben, the youngest child, 5-month-old Kylo Solo. Recently, they just moved to Wraith, Arizona, to a house that resembles a vampire castle that was built as a set for a Dracula sequel that never made it to the silver screen. Not long after this picture was taken, Elvira became pregnant with her 8th child and second with Ben. The baby is due in 3 months (a day in game), and (being this is the 60's before ultrasounds could tell a baby's gender before birth), if the baby is a boy, they plan on naming him Anakin, after Ben's grandfather, and if a girl (which they're hoping for and is the actual gender), they plan on naming her Padme Amidala, after his grandmother.
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29th Jun 2016 at 6:19 PM
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Watch the story here:

Thank you!
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30th Jun 2016 at 6:19 PM
Default Sims 3 Horror Story
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I think I'm bored....

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Candi and Cocoa. The purest sisters to grace the earth with their presence.
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My latest incarnation of Elvira and family, now 5 husbands and 11 children including a teenage daughter with the same housekeeper/nanny. Portrait made sepia toned for added old-timey appeal.

Seated on sofa in the back: 16-year-old eldest child and daughter of Elvira and Charles II of Spain, Margaret Theresa, holding the youngest child and her half-brother by her mother and stepfather Kylo Ren, 8-month-old Baby Kylo, Baby Kylo's father, Kylo Ren, a meteor ghost, Elvira, Scarlett the servant holding half of Elvira and Charles's 3-year-old twin boys, Baby Carlos.
Standing behind the couch: Brahms Heelshire, Burn To Death ghost.
Standing to the right of the couch: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Old Age ghost, dancing with 4-year-old son Amadeus Jr.
Standing next to Scarlett: 11-year-old adoptive daughter of Elvira and Dandy, Renesmee.
Standing on the left with other twin son on his shoulders: Charles II of Spain, Old Age ghost, holding on his shoulders 3-year-old son Jose.
Dancing on the left: Dandy Mott, Watery Grave ghost, with 2-year-old daughter Mara.
Sitting on the couch and chair in the front: Brahms and Elvira's 8-year-old son, Brahms Jr, Elvira's 6-year-old heir by Satan, Damien Lucius, Elvira's 5-year-old son by Pumpkinhead adopted by Charles, Tommy, on the chair is Elvira's 4-year-old son by Dandy, Jim.
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The Loave Family

This is my family, the Loave family, in their christmas card!!!!
From left to right their names are: Jonas Loave (one of the triplets), Kathleen Loave (one of the triplets), Tobias Loave (one of the triplets), Mikaela Loave (the toddler girl; twin to Alekzandra), Allen Loave (teen brother; twin to Lily), Caitlin Loave (The mom), Sammy Loave (the baby), Jason Loave (the dad), Lily Loave (teen sister; twin to Allen), and Alekzandra Loave (toddler girl on right; twin to Mikaela).

that was confusing but yeah, that's them! A set of triplets, two sets of twins, and a baby!! whew, that was a handful for me!
Sadly this family has majorly passed away of old age as they are an old save, the only ones left alive are Sammy and Mikaela. Kathleen died most recently. I was actually crying.
26th Sep 2016 at 2:35 AM
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Not a family, but they're so close they practically could be. And now they're in the 80s for some reason...they usually aren't, you see.

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It isn't exactly everyone standing together for a photo. (I'll do one of those at some point.)

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Thornton Wolff and his Simbot servant Ginny.
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My sims family with their kids. All of them are also pregnant with their second children, other than the one on the far right whom is pregnant with her first child.

From left to right: Cheyenne and Elvira holding Gloria and Jimmothy, Charles holding Alberto, Marie Louise holding Carlos, Dandy holding Orion, Dot and Bette holding Rosemary and Grace, Scarlett.
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Small family because I'm doing the RLC and rolled single parent with only 1 child. I made up for it by having a bunch of cats!

Also I keep getting this broken image icon when I try to post the image directly (uploaded with imgur) and not as an attachment, why is that?
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My first family from the Sims 3, late 1900's.

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Grijze, I love your 80s style photo!!

The Al Farsi siblings (left to right - the twins Farrah and Farid, Zaid and Khalid). Their youngest sibling, Jasmeen (a very late surprise for their forty six year old mother!) isn't pictured.

The Smyths (left to right - Amber, Caleb, Valentina, Heather, Milo and Hana). Caleb met and fell in love with Valentina when he was in his twenties and she was in her early forties, recently divorced and living with her teenage son, Milo. They went on to have two daughters and Milo grew up and fell for his childhood friend, Hana.
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Originally Posted by Hellfrozeover
Grijze, I love your 80s style photo!!

Good for you, then, @Hellfrozeover, that I made another one.

What you're probably not seeing here is that in both pictures the lot is also furnished appropriately, but that I've completely redesigned it in the second picture because I realised it wasn't very good.
I've done my research now, particularly into high-end interior design trends of the late 80s, so it should look much better now.

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The Morales Family

This is my longest family I've been playing for, nearly about 600 days I think but in reality almost 3 months.

Also from left to right Levi, Zoe, Renee, Kendra and Andy and on the top is Rae.

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Sorry - huge bump! I've been playing with a family in a while and finally made a family picture.

Connor (38) Taliso (40) Jamie (10) and Chloe (7)

Behind the scenes:
Connor: Do I really have to be on this picture?
Taliso: It's a family picture, you're part of the family.
Connor: I don't like it.
Taliso: Just smile, like the children do. Look!
Connor: ....
Taliso: Smile!
Connor: ........
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Does it count if only two of the sims are related, and one I hope to marry into the family unless the story goes in an alternate direction?


If the caption doesn't show, which it may not since I am a bit inept sometimes:
  • Felix Duquesne Wycherly III, age "35," a publishing magnate and a recent widower (Belladonna Newell Wycherly).
  • Theresa Elizabeth Wycherly, age 6. Loves animals of all varieties, is incredibly spoiled by her Papa, also has put a baby alligator in Papa's bathtub and is waiting on the discovery.
  • Miss Inez Roscoe de la Cruz, age 21, Theresa's new governess. She has no idea that her employer and her charge are vampires. The knitting is for her sister-in-law!
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My attempt at creating the main trio from Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice.
Louis, Lestat and their "adopted" daughter Claudia.

Picture is inspired by this photo
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Default The Derrickson Family
This is the longest family i've ever played, two and a half years, with breaks of course. The kids are the third generation. Robert, the father is a politician and his wife Kimberly is a former model. Angelina, the albino girl is a cheerleader and a ballerina while the boy named Ethan is a skater who loves hiphop, the two of them are twins. The black-haired girl on the left is Hannah, which is my favorite, is a rebel dreaming to become a rock star. I like to take this portraits overtime to compare to how my families looked before.

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My sims are also celebrating
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I'm currently not playing sims, but I was backing up my old families (just in case) and found out a lot of screnshoots. This is the last family I was playing, The Bejeweled's, it's a legacy-rainbowcy-random challenge, all at once lol (I was also thinking in use supernatural too). Mother's name is Diamond (she is ya and also a albino), father's is Red Beryl (he is also a wizard), oldest daughter's is Turmalina and twin toddlers' are Hazel (the girl) and Opal (the boy, also a wizard) if I remember correctly their names. I took multiple shots to make a bigger picture but forgot the size and there was a gap in the screenshot so I had to make this weird banner stuff.

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Idk if I'm in the wrong thread but here's a pic of my sim (in the center) and her Rebel (social group) friends from her sorority.
*i posted her family portrait before on this same thread
Edit: I later realized that the redhead kinda looks like Elsa Hosk and the big girl like Becky G lol
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